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Find a new use for your iPod adapter with MDI attachments


2011 VW Jetta: Stream music over bluetooth

iPad OS 4.2.1 now MDI friendly

When the iPad first came out I was sad to report that it wouldn’t work when connected to the built in iPod cable. I have since giving my iPad to my little brother  so I have no way to test it. Last night avid reader Erik posted the screenshot below and informed us that the current software update is in fact compatible with the VW MDI connector. The Jury is still out on A2DP bluetooth support.

Droid friendly MDI cable now available

All Volkswagens with MDI ship with a iPod/iPhone cable, but there are some people like my girlfriend who refuse to see the light and stick to big red for unknown causes (family plan is her excuse) and while I hate AT&T with a passion just as every other iPhone owner  you cant deny the convience of pluging my iPhone into the MDI cable and having a wonderfull all in one device that does it all.

So for the rest of you folks there is a solution, now you can take that iPod cable and donate it to the salvation army or just burn it as a sign of hatred  to the Apple Gods.  If you need help unplugging that unnecessary iPod cable I show you how to replace it in this video. After that head over to your local VW dealer and ask for part # ooo-051-446-A   MDI to mini UBS cable and start to enjoy the wonderful experience us iPhone owners have had for the past 18 months!

P.S. Yes I am an Apple fan boy, Sue me!

Control your iOS 4.1 device via 9W7 voice commands (iPhone/iPod touch)

iOS 4.1 update will now allow for AVRCP (audio video remote control profile) so you can control your iPhone/iPod touch via voice commands using the 9W7 bluetooth system. Here is a step by step guide:

– Update to iOS4.1

– Pair iOS device with car

– press the “push to talk” button on your car

– The car will say “main menu” say “music”

– when the car confirms the command say “play” and hit the MEDIA key on your radio

– Other available commands are: Pause, Stop, Next track and Previous track

Using an iPhone 4 in your Volkswagen (Pandora App)

iPad does not support Volkswagen’s Media-In connector

If you were planning to take your iPad on the road and connected to your car’s Media-In connector I am sorry to tell you that it wont work. The question came up today in the vortex forum, so I went and tried it my self and got a “This accessory is not supported by iPad” message so neither playback nor charging will work. This isn’t the first time Apple has done this, my iPhone 3GS wont charge on the 09 and earlier iPod docks. Sorry folks!

UPDATE: Bluetooth music streaming doesn’t work either.

UPDATE 2: if it makes you feel any better USB is not supported by Ford’s Sync system either

Apple updates iPhone’s “airplane mode” message when connected to MDI

Apple will release a software update for all iPhones on june 21st. Thanks to well placed sources I got a hold of it today for some preliminary testing with our MDI system on our cars.  One big complain is that the phone freaks out and ask to go to airplane mode when connected to the car’s media cable. Starting with iPhone OS 4.0 that will no longer be a problem, here is the new warning:

Volkswagen iPhone case

Some of you have asked where I got the VW iPhone case, well here is your answer! it is made form silicon and features racing stripes and the VW logo on the back. It is available on VW’s driver gear page in any color you want as long as it is black!

Using Volkswagen’s bluetooth connectivity with streaming (9W2) on 2010 Jetta, Golf and GTI

Using Bluetooth on a 2010 Jetta (S, SE, Wolfsburg ), all Jetta Sportwagen models, a Golf 2.5, Golf TDI and GTI MKVI.

NOTE: Jetta TDI (sedan only) and SEL use 9W3