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RNS315 retrofit parts list

Looking to install a new RNS315 in your Volkswagen? Here is a list of what you will need:

RNS315 unit: 1K0-057-274-A

GPS Antenna 000-051-502-F use required.

Factory antenna alternate for many models:

Antenna 3C0 035 507AC

Coax cable 3500 mm 000 098 710

Coax adapter 000 098 654A



Park Distance Control coming to 2011 Jetta..Sort of

Park Distance Control (PDC ) is just a  fancy name for “the car will beep just before you hit something” system.  Owners of 2011 Jettas will now be able to retrofit this feature or get it installed at the time of purchase. Here is the info you will need:

Park Distance Control

Part # 1K0-054-630C

Fits: 2011 Jetta sedan, 2012 GLI

The park distance control, with 4-valve stem and acoustic warning function, provides additional safety when parking. This park distance control is easy to install and effectively helps avoid unsightly damage to the bumpers when reversing. A short sound (emitted when reverse gear is engaged) indicates that the system is active. The closer the vehicle comes to the obstacle, the more frequently the signal is emitted. Sold only through your local dealership. Professional installation may be required at an additional charge. Prices may vary.

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Engine heater now available for 2.0 CR TDI engine

VW is now offering dealer installed engine block heaters for 2008 and newer Jetta TDI sedan and Sportwagen. Prices will vary from dealer to dealer but expect to pay around $400 for the 2009-2010 models and $600 for the 2011 models.

Engine pre-heater 2.0 CR, Diesel engine, Manual Transmission.Simple and effective way to help ease cold weather starting of your Volkswagen model. Helps engine starting, and avoid extended idling in cold temperatures, by heating up your engine coolant.

The engine pre-heating system is supplied as a complete installation kit with heating element, fitting and connecting cable. It is connected to the power supply either directly or with a timer.

Vary operating period depending on the outside temperature:

-20c = 3.0 Hours
-10c = 2.0 Hours
– 5c = 1.5 Hours
0c = 1.0 Hour
Connects to standard GFI protected 120V electric plug. Use in conjunction with timer. Can be operated up to 3 to 4 hours prior to operating your vehicle.


Always was a sucker for candy!

VW now offering custom “Euro” plates

VW’s accesory division Driver Gear is now offering customizable  plates with space for up to 9 characters, check it out at

VW introduces RNS315 retrofit kit

At long last VW has released info on the RNS315 retrofit kit for the following vehicles:

Fits: CC (MY 09 – 12)   2010 to 2012
Fits: EOS (MY 06 – 11)   2010 to 2011
Fits: EOS (MY 12 – )   2012 to 2012
Fits: GLI MK6   2012 to 2012
Fits: Golf MK6   2010 to 2011
Fits: GTI MK6   2010 to 2011
Fits: Jetta MK5   2010 to 2010
Fits: Jetta MK6   2011 to 2011
Fits: Jetta Sportwagen MK6   2011 to 2011
Fits: Tiguan (MY 09 – 11)   2010 to Present


All for the low,low,  low price of…wait for it…wait for it….$1,992.50


Part# 1K0-057-274-A
Radio navigation system RNS 315
The Radio Navigation system “RNS 315″ can be operated conveniently and precisely via a 5” touch screen and displays a high quality map by Navteq. The radio boasts storage media such as a SD card reader and an AUX-IN socket to enable storage and playing of various data formats. The “RNS 315” is MP3-capable and can be connected with ease to a factory-fitted universal mobile phone setup. GPS Antenna 000-051-502-F use required. 


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