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Work on the next generation website starts today! Need your help

The website has seem increased traffic and I am looking to make it easier to use and for users to interact with each other so here is whats comign down the pipe:

  • New better website
  • Community message bards
  • Archives  that are easier to search

What’s needed:

Funding: At this time I have funding for 20% of the project. if you would like to advertise with us please send me a email to for advertising options.  If you would like to send a paypal donation send it to

Database migration: I am looking for someone that could migrate the entire wordpress data base to its new home at Network solutions. I will also have to migrate the domain name so that it points to the new website.

Design work: Most of it is already done and I will have a preview of it soon.


Looking for an sponsor!

I am looking to expand the site and add new features.  I am hoping I could find a sponsor or two to help off set the cost.  If anyone is interested please let know only $250 per year!  Email

2012 Passat brochure now available

Fresh off the press comes the 2012 Passat sales brochure. Your local dealer should have some ready to give out and the real thing arrives in 3-4 weeks for early test drives.


2012 Beetle pre-order is up! Better hurry

The 2012 Beetle doesn’t go on sale until Sept but VW is now giving ypu the chance to be among the first to have one. For a $495 refundable deposit you can order one of the 600 Black Turbo launch edition models. The cars will retail for $24,950 and will all be black. head over to for all the details.



GTI edition 35 hit Europe…US sales are possible

VW increases Jetta’s base price..Hopes you won’t notice

From day one VW has been pushing the $15,995 entry price for the new Jetta, then a few days ago 

VW  updated its website with very minor tweaks and one of them includes a jump on the base price of the 2011 Jetta. Those looking for the S model Jetta will now how to pay an extra $500 while all other trim levels retain the same price as before.

New Tiguan ad “Piñata”

New VW CC ad “nice try”

The boy behind the mask in the VW ad

2012 Passat superbowl ad