2012 Passat brochure now available

Fresh off the press comes the 2012 Passat sales brochure. Your local dealer should have some ready to give out and the real thing arrives in 3-4 weeks for early test drives.



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  1. How about a pdf file of the brochure?

    And what about the dates, I thought we were getting early samples for test drive in June ??

  2. I see you can build a Passat on VW’s website, but couldn’t find a brochure? Please post link for downloading a Passat Brochure pdf file.

  3. PBS’s Motorweek is featuring the 2012 Passat this Sunday.

  4. I went and picked up one from the dealer yesterday. It’s only like 5 pages. With that said, the photos in it, make the Passat look like a very classy car. My service manager is going to Passat Test Drive event next week, and will give me his thoughts. But he predicts that it’ll be better than my old B6. We’ll see.

  5. By the way Jay, will you ever put up a review from your test drive in written or video form?

  6. I am working on that !

  7. I just picked-up a brochure yesterday at Rydel VW NJ, the 2012 Passat looks great.

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