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Sunroof vents. Why I love them


Want to drive the GTI 35? There is an app for that. No we don’t get the real thing.

Rumor was that VW considered bringing the special edition GTI 35 to the states. Today VW of America said that there is no way in hell that car is coming here! Ok maybe they weren’t so harsh about it but yeah, it is not coming here.  VW’s excuse is that the GTI sells well as it is, the Golf R will be out soon and the curbs in the US will destroy the front bumper ( 2004 GLI 1.8T ring any bells?).

As a consolation price they have released an app for iOS devices featuring the GTI 35 and all 6 GTI generations racing around a track. How unfair would it be to put a MKI up agaist an MKVI? if you want the App you can get it from this itunes link.


Proof that Golf R won’t be a 2012

Here you go folks here is the proof that the Golf R won’t be a 2012 model. This is a screen shot of the VW ordering system  showing the car as a 2013 model:

Jetta GLI and Golf R delayed


Golf R pushed to January 2012

When searching the VW inventory system today I discovered that the Golf R now shows up as a 2013 model. By law they cant sell a 2013 model until Jan 2nd 2012. So it appears that you guys will have to wait just a tad bit longer.

LEAKED! 2012 VW Beetle Cabrio!

The Beetle  Cabrio wont go on sale till spring of 2012 but european magazine Aubobild managed to get a picture of it. Count on the final unveiling to happen in november at the LA autoshow and sales starting in spring 2012.


GTI edition 35 hit Europe…US sales are possible

New RNS 510 nav gets voice commands (Thank you baby Jesus!)

VW college grad program explained

I am not going to bore you with small talk so here is the cliff notes:
  •  Must have a full-time job or a commitment letter from your future employer.
  •  Graduating in the next six months, or have graduated in the past 24 months.
  • VW will make your first month’s payment, up to $800. ( Touareg TDI anybody?)
  • If you lease, there’s no security deposit.
  • No credit history or Co-signer required. (must have no previous derogatory credit)
  • A tier credit  so yo get the best rates VW offer
For the full spill check out the VW credit website

Rumor: 5 seater VW CC for 2012 ½?

According to rumors circulating between people in the know, Volkswagen will add the option of having 3 seats in the back of the CC when the 2012 .5

model goes on sale this fall. Along with the more practical back seat will come updated front and rear end design to bring the car along the lines of the new VW family look.  Other rumors point to a sunroof option in the Sport and Lux models and killing the 4 seat configuration all together. While a 5 seater  is nothing new to europeans people in the states have been asking for one since day one and when you considerer that they had that rear seat in the parts bin since 2007 it makes you wonder what took them so long.