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Want a rear view camera for your Golf or GTI?

I get a lot of mail from people looking to add a rear view camera to their Golfs and GTIs so here is all you need:

– Make sure your radio is compatible by following the Radio compatibility guide fond here 

– Follow the instruction to the DIY found here


You can source the parts from places like Futrell and other after market parts retailers, happy modding!













New RNS 510 nav gets voice commands (Thank you baby Jesus!)

2011 VW Touareg Bluetooth pairing

VW voice command fix

VW college grad program explained

I am not going to bore you with small talk so here is the cliff notes:
  •  Must have a full-time job or a commitment letter from your future employer.
  •  Graduating in the next six months, or have graduated in the past 24 months.
  • VW will make your first month’s payment, up to $800. ( Touareg TDI anybody?)
  • If you lease, there’s no security deposit.
  • No credit history or Co-signer required. (must have no previous derogatory credit)
  • A tier credit  so yo get the best rates VW offer
For the full spill check out the VW credit website

Pair your iPad 2 over BT and use it as your RSE

Changing the battery on a VW key (3rd generation key 2009 and latter)

How to change a tire on a Volkswagen

RNS315 retrofit parts list

Looking to install a new RNS315 in your Volkswagen? Here is a list of what you will need:

RNS315 unit: 1K0-057-274-A

GPS Antenna 000-051-502-F use required.

Factory antenna alternate for many models:

Antenna 3C0 035 507AC

Coax cable 3500 mm 000 098 710

Coax adapter 000 098 654A


Keep your RNS315 Navigation up to date with MapCare


If like me you have found your self  driving down a road that your nav system thinks is a empty piece of land there is now a solution for you. Volkswagen just released MapCare  2010 and latter VWs equipped with the RNS315 navigation system.

If you need help on how to check your current database and how to update it check this link

Item Number:   000-051-256-A -DSP
Navigation SD Card USA Version RNS-315 (Map Care) updates for 2 years

Map updates help make sure that the “shortest route” and “fastest route” functions of your navigation system work most efficiently. Updates can also save you time by showing the locations of the closest gas stations, restaurants, ATM’s and more. 

Map Care includes two map updates (one per year) for 2 years by Navteq the leading global provider of digital map, traffic and location data, NAVTEQ, makes sure your system has the accurate, detailed, up-to-date information you need to get where you’re going.

This is the Navigation softwear loaded on an SD card for the RNS-315.