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Want a rear view camera for your Golf or GTI?

I get a lot of mail from people looking to add a rear view camera to their Golfs and GTIs so here is all you need:

– Make sure your radio is compatible by following the Radio compatibility guide fond here 

– Follow the instruction to the DIY found here


You can source the parts from places like Futrell and other after market parts retailers, happy modding!













Sunroof vents. Why I love them

2011 GTI long term. Last week!

Well this is my last week with the long term GTI test car. I will be replacing it with a 2011 Jetta SEL. Look for a long term video wrap up in the next few days.


2012 CC becomes 7th VW to win a top safety pick award

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety just announced that the 2012 CC bested the Lexus IS, ES, Infiniti G, BMw 3 series, and Chevy impala during their latest round of safety test. The CC becomes the 7th Volkswagen to win the coveted Top Safety Pick award.


2011 VW Touareg Bluetooth pairing

VW voice command fix

Touareg and Jetta demand exceeding supply, TDI models are rare as iPads2

Awesome problem to have but a problem non the less. Global demand for the Touareg has taken VW by surprise and already exceeds capacity at the plant. As far as the Jetta goes VW can’t make them fast enough. A production increase is in the process for the Jetta and VWoA is hoping to grab as many Toureg as possible. Those hoping to snatch a TDI will have as much luck as those looking for a iPad 2.

GTI Smoked LED Taillights & Scirocco Hatch Pop Kit from Futurell

VW college grad program explained

I am not going to bore you with small talk so here is the cliff notes:
  •  Must have a full-time job or a commitment letter from your future employer.
  •  Graduating in the next six months, or have graduated in the past 24 months.
  • VW will make your first month’s payment, up to $800. ( Touareg TDI anybody?)
  • If you lease, there’s no security deposit.
  • No credit history or Co-signer required. (must have no previous derogatory credit)
  • A tier credit  so yo get the best rates VW offer
For the full spill check out the VW credit website

VW increases Jetta’s base price..Hopes you won’t notice

From day one VW has been pushing the $15,995 entry price for the new Jetta, then a few days ago 

VW  updated its website with very minor tweaks and one of them includes a jump on the base price of the 2011 Jetta. Those looking for the S model Jetta will now how to pay an extra $500 while all other trim levels retain the same price as before.