VW increases Jetta’s base price..Hopes you won’t notice

From day one VW has been pushing the $15,995 entry price for the new Jetta, then a few days ago 

VW  updated its website with very minor tweaks and one of them includes a jump on the base price of the 2011 Jetta. Those looking for the S model Jetta will now how to pay an extra $500 while all other trim levels retain the same price as before.


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  1. It’s not their fault our dollar keeps going down. There is only so much you can do.
    Also, I’m sure the insane sales numbers this car is pushing don’t hurt the $500 jump either.

  2. I think the $500 increase should at least included a center armrest and cruise control or the minimum the 2.5 liter 5 cylinder engine then i could say not bad. I disagree with them raising the price, i could get a Elantra with convenience pkg for 100 something more.

    • did you hear what you just said? An Elantra? lol

      • The Hyundai elantra has 148 the jetta base has 115 hp actually the elantra is about $400 cheaper before for destination charges the convenience pack includes a/c and cruise control

      • it’s also a garbage car. That’s worth mentioning as well. If you want a engineering terror, buy a Hyundai. I’ve been to the factory. Worst excuse for professional production and design i’ve ever seen.
        I would take a Jetta S without a single option package, not even cruise control before getting a fully loaded Hyundai of any model.

  3. So, with the increase will we see LED tails and HIDs on the GLI at some point and time?

  4. Sorry adam the volkswagen with 115 hp is wack for increasing the price by not adding the 2.5 liter 5 cylinder or adding center armrest and cruise control.

  5. WOW! 4 different blogs reported on this story all posted links to this page

  6. VW enthusiast

    My biggest disappointment with the new 2011 jetta:” not “Jetta” is that you get less quality car for the same money as the 2009 Jetta, this will KILL the VW brand over time like it did with GM & Mercedes under Damler Chrysler:
    a list of support of my observation:
    -Goose neck trunk hinges (2011) that impinge on usable luggage space (per square foot) in place of articulated hydraulic hinges (2009) that fit into truck lid well.
    – Rear Drum Breaks (2011) in place of Rear Disc Breaks (2009) for better heat distribution
    – Rear One piece axle (2011) in place of Four Wheel independent suspension (2009) for a Smoother ride
    – Rear seat fold down lever only in trunk (2011) as opposed to interior rear seat interior cabin fold down (2009) which allows access into truck with out getting out of the vehicle (ie on freeway while driving) or Escape from cabin in a water emergency as electric windows will be shorted out as battery will be shorted out and water pressure will hold doors closed.
    – Hydraulic Steering pump (2011) in place of a Electric steering motor on (2009) No fluids for electric motors needed as a less environmental impact and service/dollar impact on customers replacing old fluids.

    It just shows that lust after MONEY is ruining the love of Designing a vehicle that set the bar.

    and don’t even get me started on the Routan minivan. a Chrysler with stiffer seats. (I just threw up in my mouth)

    VW Needs to accept that Building a better car means that NOT EVERYONE will own a VW, But Those that do will Appreciate the art and the science that is a VW made and badged vehicle. German engineering is QUALITY over Quantity to the 100th power.

    Sacrifice Quality sacrifice customer base. Simple math, just like 4×5 =20, 3×6=18, (Quality x Quantity=dollars) VW will learn what GM & Chrysler learned already-MORE units and LESS quality = Failure and a lost reputation.

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