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2012 Passat interior


2012 Passat brochure now available

Fresh off the press comes the 2012 Passat sales brochure. Your local dealer should have some ready to give out and the real thing arrives in 3-4 weeks for early test drives.


VW voice command fix

The Volkswagen Beetle: Reborn

Don’t call it a come back! the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle is here!

well folks here it is! The all new 2012 Volkswagen Beetle

– 71.2 inches wide (3.3 inches wider), 58.5 inches tall (.5 inches lower) and 168.4 inches long (6 inches longer)

– 3 engines 170HP 2.5L, 140HP 2.0TDI,  and 200 HP 2.0 Turbo TSI

– 5 speed manual on 2.5, 6 speed manual on 2.0TDI and 2.0T

– Optional 6 speed Automatic, 6 speed DSG in TDI and TSI

– 200HP model gets XDS from GTI

– Turbo models get gauge pod with oil temperature, clock with stopwatch function and boost pressure gauges.

– 2 trim levels “design” and “sport”

– Premium features such as a touch screen radio, RNS315 navigation, Fender audio, KESSY push button start,  bi xenon headlamps with LED DRLs,and panoramic roof that actually opens (looking at you CC)  will be offered

How to change a tire on a Volkswagen

Keep your RNS315 Navigation up to date with MapCare


If like me you have found your self  driving down a road that your nav system thinks is a empty piece of land there is now a solution for you. Volkswagen just released MapCare  2010 and latter VWs equipped with the RNS315 navigation system.

If you need help on how to check your current database and how to update it check this link

Item Number:   000-051-256-A -DSP
Navigation SD Card USA Version RNS-315 (Map Care) updates for 2 years

Map updates help make sure that the “shortest route” and “fastest route” functions of your navigation system work most efficiently. Updates can also save you time by showing the locations of the closest gas stations, restaurants, ATM’s and more. 

Map Care includes two map updates (one per year) for 2 years by Navteq the leading global provider of digital map, traffic and location data, NAVTEQ, makes sure your system has the accurate, detailed, up-to-date information you need to get where you’re going.

This is the Navigation softwear loaded on an SD card for the RNS-315.


Volkswagen Jetta recall Q&A

VW of America issued a voluntary safety recall for all 71,000  2011 Volkswagen Jettas built from March 2010 and March 2011. Unlike Toyota’s now famous recall this is a voluntary recall and not imposed by the government and will not result in any fines. VW noticed the problem and took very proactive measures to get to fixed. Here ante some answers to some of the questions you may have:

What is Volkswagen doing about the recall?

– Affected owners will received an apology letter and a $50 gift card from VW’s CEO

– Drivers that are not comfortable driving their cars can arrange a no charge pick up and drop off of their cars from their dealers

– Owners will be issued a no charge service loaner while the vehicle is being repaired

–  Once repair is completed your dealer is to wash and vacuum your car at no charge (mandated by VW)

So whats wrong with my Jetta?

There is a a wire harness that delivers electrical power to components in the car such as the horn that shares a fuse with the engine control module. If that fuse goes bad it will cause the engine to stall.  VW dealers will install a new component to the wire harness to keep this from happening. No accidents or injuries have been reported.

Is my car safe to drive?

Yes, but for the time being avoid using your horn as much as possible. If you are not comfortable driving your car VW will provide you with a service loaner at no charge to you.


For more information about the recall visit:


Park Distance Control coming to 2011 Jetta..Sort of

Park Distance Control (PDC ) is just a  fancy name for “the car will beep just before you hit something” system.  Owners of 2011 Jettas will now be able to retrofit this feature or get it installed at the time of purchase. Here is the info you will need:

Park Distance Control

Part # 1K0-054-630C

Fits: 2011 Jetta sedan, 2012 GLI

The park distance control, with 4-valve stem and acoustic warning function, provides additional safety when parking. This park distance control is easy to install and effectively helps avoid unsightly damage to the bumpers when reversing. A short sound (emitted when reverse gear is engaged) indicates that the system is active. The closer the vehicle comes to the obstacle, the more frequently the signal is emitted. Sold only through your local dealership. Professional installation may be required at an additional charge. Prices may vary.

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