2012 Beetle pre-order is up! Better hurry

The 2012 Beetle doesn’t go on sale until Sept but VW is now giving ypu the chance to be among the first to have one. For a $495 refundable deposit you can order one of the 600 Black Turbo launch edition models. The cars will retail for $24,950 and will all be black. head over to VW.com for all the details.




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  1. As far as I can tell from the terms of the program, it sounds like all 600 of the launch pre-orders will have DSG?? Do you know if this is true, or if there’s a chance some will have the 6 speed manual? I would LOVE to get in on the pre-order, but I want the manual transmission…

  2. Ben, I also saw that. I wondered if they were all going to be equipped exactly the same or if some would have upgraded stereos, etc; or if you could choose additional options if you are lucky enough to get an order that is selected. Or is this first come, first serve? I’m assuming they will be the same because they already have a retail price listed. Any idea, Jay?

  3. No LED headlights on this one?

  4. any options lists available and if you want the black and then option it out, how?

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