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Sunroof vents. Why I love them


June orders start today

Those looking to place an order for a 2012 car today is the day! . Keep in mind  that dealers can no longer ask for “custom” orders.   Cars ordered today will be built in August and delivered in Sept.

A few notable items:

– Touareg executive can not be ordered at this time

– 2012 Jetta orders wont start until next month

–  First order for 2012 Routan

– Tiguan, Passat and Beetle join the new MBO  ordering system based on overall dealer preferences not individual cars request.

All orders MUST be in by close of business on Friday, June 24, 2011.

2012 Beetle pre-order is up! Better hurry

The 2012 Beetle doesn’t go on sale until Sept but VW is now giving ypu the chance to be among the first to have one. For a $495 refundable deposit you can order one of the 600 Black Turbo launch edition models. The cars will retail for $24,950 and will all be black. head over to for all the details.



LEAKED! 2012 VW Beetle Cabrio!

The Beetle  Cabrio wont go on sale till spring of 2012 but european magazine Aubobild managed to get a picture of it. Count on the final unveiling to happen in november at the LA autoshow and sales starting in spring 2012.


VW voice command fix

VWvortex dreams up a cool 21st century Beetle

Vw sent the guys of the VWVortex a 2012 Beetle for them to play with. ( hey VW can I get some love over here? a T-shirt maybe? something?)  Photoshop in hand they started dreaming up all kinds of possibilities including he drool inducing one bellow. To see the rest check out this thread.

2012 Beetle details?!?!?

I know a lot of you guys want to see what will come in the packages for the 2012 VW Beetle. As of right now I can’t say anything and keep my job. I looked the stuff over and I can say that there is something in there for everybody. I do wish for a more basic model with hubcaps and cloth interior but it looks like it’s not going to happen.

Keep your eyes peeled and I promise to bring you all the details as soon as I am allowed to!


2012 Beetle configuration (US only)

2012 Beetle 2.5

  • Beetle 2.5
  • Beetle 2.5 with sunroof
  • Beetle 2.5 with Sunroof and Nav

2012 Beetle 2.0T

  • Turbo
  • Turbo with sunroof and sound
  • Turbo with sunroof, sound and Nav

2012 Beetle TDI

  • TDI
  • TDI with sunroof
  • TDi with sunroof and Nav
These are preliminary specs and are subjected to change without notice.

2012 Beetle interior colors

Here are the interior options for the 2012 Beetle. Sport cloth and Leather are only available on 2.0T model

2012 Beetle exterior colors

Here is the official list of colors for the US spec 2012 Beetle: