VW voice command fix


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  1. I am not able to pair my LG Rumor phone to my 2011 Jetta.
    I am a Virgin Mobile customer. They sent me a new phone claiming it was the phone. The second phone does the same thing. The first phone would go to connect and then go the HELLO screen (sort of a reboot). The second phone I was only once able to begin to place a call and then it also went to HELLO. It seems to have a problem bringing over the address book. Do you have any advise?
    Loved your YouTube help. Thank you.

  2. looks like you need a better phone

  3. What about iPhone voice control and the GTI?How can I get the Bluetooth system to give the phone a voice command like “play songs by the rolling stones”. Can you get this to work when using the cable? Solve this problem for me and you will be a god.

  4. Brilliant!!!

    Thanks Jay!

  5. jmoorewright

    Excellent, thanks a bunch! I didn’t even think to try last name, first name, but this works perfectly

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