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2012 GLI gets different wheels at the last minute.

2012 GLIs were supposed to be in route to dealers in May but a last minute decision to change the wheels caused a slight delay to June.

VW planned to use the “charleston” wheels used on the 2007 GLI Fahrenheit and 2010 Jetta TDI cup. They went as far as using those wheels for the brochure and Marketting materials. At the New York autoshow they showed the actual 18″ wheel that they will use and I gotta say they look much better! Pic below



The Volkswagen Beetle: Reborn

No love

From the second I learned that VW would host another party in NY (Remember the Jetta party in time square?) I contacted VW via Facebook, twitter, my HQ connections, etc. I went as far as emailing every single person in their PR department.

So today I finally get an email just days before the event to let me know I wasn’t invited. Oh well maybe next time. I still love you VW.


VW Amarok truck now available in UK, We get nothing and here is why.

VW just announced pricing for the UK spec Amarok pickup truck .Prices start from £16,995 and can go all the way to £21,575. So why dont we get this awesome TDi compact pickup that will give the Tacoma a run for its money?  Well blame  the government!  There is a law known as the  “chicken tax”  that imposes a 25% tariff on light trucks imported from outside the US, this would force VW to price the truck above its intended market and it wouldn’t sell.


So until the boneheads change their mind there wont be a awesome, full efficient VW truck in your future, such a shame.

Don’t call it a come back!

No folks that is not an EOS, that is the reborn VW Golf Cabrio (the first Cabrio since 2003).   The new Cabrio is smaller than the EOS and has a soft top that operates in a fraction of the time. US sales are not confirmed at this point and to be quite honest I don’t think we need 3 convertibles in the line up.

2012 GLI revealed

2012 GLI driving footage

First look: 2012 VW Jetta GLI

A look inside the 2012 Passat

Hey Autoblog Danielle Gumro is very real!

A few weeks ago popular automotive blog made a blog post about the VW web series featuring Danielle Gumro and Bill Hader.  I personaly found the blog post a bit more than mildly insulting and even more saw after I read this line ” so-called VW product specialist, Danielle Gumro” .

Really Autoblog?!  you may want to check your facts! Danielle is a true VW product specialist and I have proof below: