VW Amarok truck now available in UK, We get nothing and here is why.

VW just announced pricing for the UK spec Amarok pickup truck .Prices start from £16,995 and can go all the way to £21,575. So why dont we get this awesome TDi compact pickup that will give the Tacoma a run for its money?  Well blame  the government!  There is a law known as the  “chicken tax”  that imposes a 25% tariff on light trucks imported from outside the US, this would force VW to price the truck above its intended market and it wouldn’t sell.


So until the boneheads change their mind there wont be a awesome, full efficient VW truck in your future, such a shame.


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  1. Question…

    Why, can’t VW build the truck in the American plant it just built?

  2. I agree with the comment above

  3. The other foreign truck makers jump through all sorts of hoops to get around that (things like importing them as non-passenger vehicles, then installing the seats here – even Ford, with the Transport). there is nothing to keep VW from jumping through those hoops.

  4. The Amarok it’s even available in Mexico. VW should find a way to bring it to the US….

  5. I, too, bemoan the fact that Amarok is not available in the U.S., but I’m sure those “boneheads” responsible are in fact obscenely paid US auto lobbyists who’s influence has created this situation.

  6. Just saw one today in southeast michigan

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