2012 GLI driving footage


Posted on February 9, 2011, in 2012, autoshow, First look, GLI, Jetta, Volkswagen and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. No Xenon
    No Leather
    No other choice but Black interior
    No 510 sat/nav
    No sale

    There’s are many new cars for the 2011 and 2012 MY to pick from, why on earth would anyone buy “cheap” junk parts from VW?

  2. I don’t mean to rob your thunder Jay, but your readers can go to VWVortex for some nice pics of a 2012 Tornado Red GLI. It looks great! They also have some additional info.

  3. Now we need an “R” version with 265hp and AWD!!

  4. What haven’t anyone missed the red grill as on the GTI. Being a previous ’09 GLI owner I don’t know if this would be a good replacement. Also, what about the dual exhaust like on the GTI. I won’t even start with the HID lights that were standard on the ’09!

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