First look: 2012 VW Jetta GLI


Posted on February 9, 2011, in 2012, autoshow, First look, GLI, Jetta. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Can’t wait to see it in Candy White. Would like to see the front grill chrome strips be red like on the GTI. Plaid inserts in the seats would have been nice. Overall, very nice!

  2. looks like the same communications radio that was in 2010 Jetta whgich the blue tooth and phone book were usless, Hope this has been updated

  3. Would look great in black or red with window tint and lowered a bit. I see great potential for aftermarket cosmetic mods. Basically, it received the GTI performance bits. I assume leather will be available?

  4. Looks nice. They spruced it up just enough to keep it classy, yet give it a little flair. The feature content, including the dual zone climate, soft touch dash, multilink rear, and sport seats along with a very reasonable price will make this a winner.

    This is a higher quality, torquier, and more fun alternative to the Acura TSX that is thousands less expensive.

  5. Will Xenon AFS headlamps be available as an option? It would be a shame to lose them, or have to pay big $$ for aftermarket options.

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