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  1. Hello everyone!

    My name is Jay Pichardo and I have been a VW salesman for 4 years. during my years at Volkswagen I have noticed that less and less people take the time to learn about what they sell and pass this info on to costumers. While I am no know-it-all pro, I spent much of my downtime researching and learning about my product and have became the go to resource guy for must of the guys I work with.

    In a recent trip to Southern New Jersey I posed as a costumer interested in a new Volkswagen. I walked in and told the guy I was looking for a 09 Volkswagen and I wasnt sure what I wanted:

    ” Hello I am looking for a new car and my must haves are DSG, TSI and the RNS-510″ The guy looked at me like I had 3 heads. “I dont think they have those in the US market, lets go inside and I can ask my manager”. A few days latter back at my dealer a co-workers approached me and asked me to show his costumer how set up the MDI with his iPod, after shaking my head for a few seconds it hit me. maybe not everyone is as much of a tech geek as I am, I have owned 5 Volkswagens, I spent countless hours a day reading blogs and forums, and I have logged many hours at VW training classes, I cant expect everyone to be like me.

    But does every dealership have a “Jay” sitting around? and if the sales people don’t tell costumers how do they find out about the cool things the cars can do? and no nobody reads the owners manual!

    So armed with my new found wisdom I grabbed a camera and went around the lot and started a series of videos to teach people and other sales people about the really neat features that VW has put on our cars, the rest is history.

    So welcome to my blog! first and foremost I was born and raised in a island so pardon my poor grammar skills and heavy accent, I try my best. I will be using this blog to bring you my latest videos and the latest on VW news.

    • I have 2010 TDI Diesel Sportswagen w/ all the options & accessories!
      Yet, I have only a an AUX connector instead of MDI interface! How do I connect my iPOD w/ or w/o the DOCK to this outlet? Will I be able to control the iPOD then through the RNS 510 Navi Screen?
      My sticker says that my car has Enhanced Bluetooth Package! Does it refer to 9W3 or 9W2? As it is I cannot do voice out calling or thro’ the NAVI screen or steering wheel controls? What gives?

    • What is the slot in the trunk of my Eos for?

    • Many thanks for your contributions! I ahve learnt some valuable info that sadly the local VW guys where unable to provide.
      Can you describe what the RCD 510 Dynaudio Excite option actually entails? Is it simply a head unit upgrade, or speaker and other items too?

    • Hi Jay
      Can I bug you with another question that has floored out local VW salesman?
      I am about to order a GTi6 DSG, but hate the standard mags.
      They list Alloy wheel, 18 x 8, Vision as an accessory, but I have found mention
      that Wheel arch extensions 1K0 071 680 and suspension travel limiter 000 071 501 are also required along with a change to the rear axle camber (set to -1 45′ to provide sufficient wheel clearance).
      Are you able to confirm?
      Does this sound like more trouble than it’s worth?

    • Hey Jay, wonderful site and great information. I am a proud owner of a 2010 VW CC RLine and I am looking for a little info on “How to install a front license plate bracket for US based cars”
      Also where can I get a bracket for an RLine CC ?

    • Hey Jay, Does VW release limited editions of their cars at the end of a model year or before model redesigns?

    • Hey Jay,

      I have some questions about my new 2011 Sportwagen.
      Do you have an email address that I can use to contact you?



    • Hi jay,
      Great info on vw motors, that’s been invaluable as I’ve gotten to grips with my latest purchase.
      One issue I do have with my 2009 vw passat estate is with regards the units of the speed on the multi display.
      Being a traditionalist I like my speed to be in miles not kilometres, however, even though I have set this unit on the MSD, the speed is still displayed as km.. All others are rightly in miles. Any thoughts as to how I can rectify this.

    • I just purchased a 2010 New Beetle limited edition

      I am trying to attach my Iphone 4….it has that cable in the Glove Box

      but when I connect it how do I get the tunes to play.

    • Who sells nice body kits for a 2011 TDI Sedan. Similar to the 2011 white Jetta with votex body kit from waterfest 16.


    • I’m considering a switch to VW sales. I’m bored in my current desk job. I realize that there are countless variables, but could you ballpark me an approximate salary range for VW sales and/or any additional perks of working for VWoA?

  2. Hello Jay, I liked your Golf TDI review. I have a question about the headroom in the Golf 6. How much room is lost by taking the sunroof option vs. the non sunroof? I am a tall driver and would like to know if there is a noticeable difference. Thanks, ed

  3. Jay,
    I just want to say thanks for the info. you’re posting. I bought a 2010 Jetta TDI today and couldn’t find the info. to correct the clock settings and set up my blue-tooth phone book in the manuals. You’re video clips showed me how to do these things within about 15 minutes.
    Thanks for the information. I think your site is an awesome idea and saved me a lot of time!!!!


  4. Does all the levels of the 2010 Tiguan (Treadline, Comfortline, Highline) in Canada come with the advanced bluetooth connectivity or do you need to get the nav package for in order to get the 9W3 package. Ie. to allow voice activated dialling and access to phone book etc…..

  5. http://www.golfmk6.com/forums/index.php
    Good work! You deserve many VW points from JD Power and VW
    Are you familiar with this forum on VW? It may identify some issues for you to put on your blog.

  6. Jay, thank you so much for teaching me how to use the Bluetooth voice control on my 2010 VW Touareg TDI. I had no idea that the address book for the voice control was separate then the address book from my phone. Now it all makes sense 🙂

    On a somewhat unrelated topic, do you have good suggestion for an aftermarket headrest rear seat entertainment system for the 2010 Touareg? Mine didn’t come with the rear seat DVD player, so I am wanting to get a good quality one for my kids. thanks in advance.

  7. Hi. I’ve been looking at a 2010 Jetta TDI Sportwagen. My local dealer doesn’t stock cars with navigation systems. They say they actually devalue the car at trade-in because the technology is outdated, and that you can go to Best Buy and get a $39 GPS nav system. I’m not interested in having gadgets and cords all over. I can’t get a straight answer from them about VW’s 2010 nav system though. Is it GPS? Does it have real-time traffic? Thanks for your help!

  8. Hi Jay,

    I’m a new CC Sport owner and I love the car, but I have one wish: I’d like to replace the plastic interior trim with the same stuff that comes in the higher-end version of the CC (not sure if it’s matte chrome or brushed aluminum). Do you know if this is possible, and if so how much it would cost? Thanks!

  9. Does a 2009 Jetta TDI have a built-in cell antenna? I thought the “shark fin” antenna contained one, in addition to the sirius antenna. If so, is there a VW/OEM kit to hook up a cell phone to it?

  10. Jay, I just purchased a 2010 Tiguan and I hate the antenna on it. It reminds me of one of those RC Racer cars. Is there any way I can replace it with an aftermarket “shark fin” antenna and still get radio reception? Love your videos by the way. They are extremely helpful. Keep up the good work!

  11. I actually have an SEL with NAV and Sirius. I wasn’t sure if the antenna was just for AM/FM or if it was also used for Sirius and GPS. My wife has a Jetta TDI with the VW “shark fin” antenna and I like the look of it, but I wasn’t sure if that was available for the Tiguan. Thanks!

  12. Hi Jay,
    I’m still waiting for feedback from you. Apparently, my car can’t be upgraded to 9W3 package since it is factory installed option only, and should have been ordered at the time of purchase! Could you help me w/ the upgrade (where & how). Does your dealership upgrade 9W@ to 9W3?

    Here is my earlier post:
    I have 2010 TDI Diesel Sportswagen w/ all the options & accessories!
    Yet, I have only a an AUX connector instead of MDI interface! How do I connect my iPOD w/ or w/o the DOCK to this outlet? Will I be able to control the iPOD then through the RNS 510 Navi Screen?
    My sticker says that my car has Enhanced Bluetooth Package! Does it refer to 9W3 or 9W2? As it is I cannot do voice out calling or thro’ the NAVI screen or steering wheel controls? What gives?

  13. Hey Jay,

    You are doing a great job with those videos, keep the coming (I especially like the tech stuff like phone/ipod installation etc.).

    Do you know if the golf VI R is coming to the US and when?

  14. Hi.

    I am thinking to get a Golf TDI, but there isn’t much choice in my area (Philadelphia). I guess there isn’t much choice anywhere.. 🙂

    Can I just go to the dealership and ask them to order the car from the factory the way I want it? How long does it usually take?


  15. G’Day Jay,

    Your site and videos are great. Please keep them coming.

    I would really like to see a video of reversing with Parking Assist sensors combined with the Reverse Camera. I have caught some images from people which indicate you can have the reverse camera and different types of schematic overlays of the sensor readings. It would be good to see which is more useful for what sort of reversing and whether that setting can be made the default.


  16. Hi,

    Watched Your video about the snowflake blinking.. I noticed that the “indicators” for speed and RPM’s “took a spin” when the engine was turned on.!!?? Is it something that was programmed and if so how do i do it??


    From Denmark

  17. Jay,

    I just got a 2007 Passat 2.0 Sport. It has a phone button, and my dealer said it has bluetooth to go with my iPhone, but the manual keeps talking about needing a “cradle”. When I turn my iPhone bluetooth discovery on, hit the “phone” button on the steering wheel twice, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

    This blog is killing my productivity at work 😉


  18. Jay,

    Thanks for the great information on pairing my iphone with my 2010 Tiguan. Voice dialing and phone dialing are working fine but shouldn’t I see call display for incoming calls in the MDF? Also there is no phone option in the MDF display. Do I need a software update?



  19. Jay,

    I have a few questions regarding the 2010 GTI.

    If i were to buy one then put a custom exhaust and intake on, will it void the warranty and cause engine problems?
    also, if i put euro style lights, will it have effect on the warranty too?


  20. I’m having no luck getting a 32GB SDHC (FAT formatted) card to work on my 2010 Tiguan with the Premium 8 stereo head unit. Any ideas? The web doesn’t really have any usable info so far. According to the manual, I’m doing all the right things. I’m using only mp3 files from iTunes (on a mac). I’ve tried no folders, album folders, artist folders with album folders in them…nothing. I keep getting “SD error” on the display. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Awesome site, man!

  21. Hi Jay

    I’m hoping you can help me from afar! I’m looking to buy (in Ireland) a 2010 VW Golf. I want to upgrade the radio to a RCD510, do I need a MDI Box in order to see my ipod menu on the touch screen radio? Or if I just go with the standard radio, RCD310, and order the MDI box to plug the ipod into, can I operate the ipod from the RCD310 or do I operate it the ipod itself??

    Also, will the RCD510 automatically pick up my phone if I have bluetooth turned on? I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere here. Hope you can help me, I’d imagine the spec’s of the cars are different here.
    Thanking you.

    • kind of hard to answer that since VW does spec out the cars in different ways for us in the US. but with the RCD510 you need the MDI box to operate the ipod from the touch screen. the RCD310 is not offered here

  22. Hi Jay,
    Any idea why VW attaches the front license plate to the GTI by drilling holes in the bumper??
    They must be able to come up with a better solution…

    • Most manufactures do it this way as well

    • Mark Richards

      I have been in search of something that does not require holes in the bumper. I talked to my dealer in Ohio and they looked at me like I was crazy when I said “don’t drill hole into my brand new CC, I just paid $XX,XXX and have not even driven off the lot yet” Then I found this site


      This ‘NO HOLES” License Plate Bracket (LPB) does not require you to drill into your front bumper. Instead, it utilizes a custom machined stud that screws into the towhook receptacle. All parts are made from Stainless Steel to ensure no rust. The mounting hardware utilizes nylock nuts or lock washers which will not loosen from vibration. The plate attachment screws are button head socket cap screws for a nice clean look.

      The price is a little steep, so I might look for an alternative but it is close to what I am looking for

  23. Jay just wanted to stop by and say hey, you are doing an amazing thing for all us vdub guys out here.I will be going to buy a mk6 golf 2.5 on Saturday. Any way i can have them give you some credit for the sale? The first look video where you went through the features really convinced me and i would like you to get something for it.

  24. As an aside, when is the ncc supposed to come over here? If it’s within the year, maybe I’ll just wait for that…

  25. You had posted on 01/22/10 that VW makes 2 different bluetooth types, 9w2 and 9w3, and that the Golf TDI comes with 9w2 which has bluetooth audio (A2DP) but not a phone book feature. I came across another web site that stated that “some have reported that they have gotten the phone book menu and steering wheel buttons to work on some 2010.” This is done by “changing the code” to 0000477. I was wondering if you had tried this for the Golf TDI (or any other 9w2 equipped car) to confirm that it works. This link gives all the details (about halfway down): http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q_how_to/a5/VWbluetoothFAQ.htm. I was also wondering if the A2DP feature still works after the re-code. Loved your video on the Golf TDI!

  26. Herman Asarnow

    Jay, How do I get fog lights for my 2010 JSW TDI? Will the Golf’s foglights fit? And would I need to rewire anything, or would this just be a plug-in upgrade.

  27. Hi I have a golf6 highline. I have the rcd310 and a phone button on my steering wheel. Is it possible to do a bletooth system in which I use the same radio and the button as well pls.

    Thank you

  28. Hi, thanks for your work on the blog. A quick question, does the panorama sunroof close with the windows when you lock a Tiguan or does one need to close them manually?

  29. Hi Jay,

    The Service Mgr at my dealership has done a bunch of investigation into why my 2010 Tiguan will not show the Phone option in the MDI display. Conclusion from him and the documentation dated Nov. 2009 says this feature is only available in the Passat. You mentioned a software update for 2010 Jetta and Tiguan with the 9W3 Bluetooth. He says there is no update…can you give me any more information on this software update? Thanks in advance for your help.

  30. Hello Jay — I have a couple of questions.

    1. Why won’t VW sell the new Golf 4-door with the gas engine AND a 5-speed manual? This configuration is available in Canada in three different trims? Very disappointing — because we had a loaded 2000 Golf Turbo 5-speed which was a great car!

    2. If I have to resort to the Jetta to get decent equipment with a manual transmission, is the new RNS-510 available as a dealer add-on, or must it come that way from the factory? If it’s an add-on, will it work only on specific Jetta models?

    Thanks, Scott

  31. Hey, Jay. Great work on the blog. Just a quick question on debadging. What impact does that have on warranty?

  32. carlosreynolds

    Hi Jay,

    Hoping you can help me. 2 questions.

    My friend has an 09 Touareg V6 TDI but didn’t opt for the Nav package, so it has Red MFD. He has aftermarket fitted an RNS-510 which works fine, and has also had a Fiscon Basic-Plus kit installed. However, he has been told by Fiscon that this won’t integrate with his Red MFD. I can’t seem to find why this is the case, when I have seen many photos of cars with the Fiscon Basic-Plus and Red MFD “talking”. Can you help with why?

    Do you know if an aftermarket fitted 9W3 kit will provide MFD/MFSW functionality?

    Thanks for any help.

  33. Hi Jay, i have a tiguan 2008 and it is equipped with RCD 510 and it has voice control and phone display , last night i try to use bluetooth to hook up the Iphone 3GS it can find the phone but it says not “compatible” is there any way to link up the phone? thanks

  34. Andy Radlgruber

    Hello Jay, wonderful blog my friend and well worth the effort. I am also a bit of a techno geek for cars and can’t understand why the dealers can’t get their heads together to answer a simple question.

    Last week we bought a 2009 Passat wagon highline with 9w3 bluetooth phone preparation at $375. The car only has the premium 7 stereo and no tech package. The problem is that the car does not see the phone and the phone does not se the car. It’s like the 9w3 package is not there. The dealer says we need to buy something else to make it work, I call BS. I think it needs to be activated through VCDS but they are absolutely clueless. Instead of making a call into their service department to confirm the solution they insist on blowing smoke. Can you tell us if it needs to be activated or set up through VCDS or do we really need to spend more money to make something that we already paid for to work?

  35. Jay-

    Awesome site! Do you know of any way to set the RCD-510 to play music via MDI without the annoying fade in at the start of each track?


  36. carlosreynolds

    Jay Pichardo :
    from what I hear the red MFD doersnt play nice with the RCD510

    Thanks Jay.

  37. Hello Jay – I am greatly enjoying your blog feed, and keep suggesting that other sales people (for other brands) should consider your strategy.

    You are quite unique in your willingness to make yourself known in this fashion.

    After reading the very favorable reviews of the 2010 Golf TDI in AutoBlog, I looked at my local dealer’s website inventory and found no TDI. I put in an internet request, and was told yesterday by the dealer (email) that VW is not currently making the Golf TDI and I could consider the Golf 2.5, of which they have several copies.

    I have found nothing on the net that tells me the Golf TDI has been suspended. What’s the truth here?

    • Sounds like they are just trying to sell you what they have, I have Golf TDIs in stock and several coming.

      • Thanks Jay –

        My opinion of most VW stores is that their web presence sucks badly, and that their email responder/lead tracker systems provide so little information that the sales people aren’t actually answering the questions that the web customers have posed.

        Either that, or 97% of sales people are sub-sentient when it comes to web inquiries.

        How do you address this flaw in adapting from a traditional sales model to responding well online?

  38. Hi,

    I just got a 2010 Jetta Wolfsburg. It has the non-navigation radio, so also does not have the multifunction dash display. When I push the left button, it cycles through: setting hour->setting minute->next screen change to km/h->next screen. This third screen shows a number, currently on mine 315 with a little semi-filled dial. I have no idea what this means! I can find no mention of it in the owner’s manual. What is this for?


  39. Hm. Seems noone seems to know what that indicator is for.

    Oh well.

  40. hi Jay,
    my husband just bought the new eos with the nav system.
    it doesnt have the MDI cable in the glove box but only a Aux input in the armrest. i selected media, and use aux input ect, music plays but cant see the songs on the nav screen. ??

  41. Hi Jay,

    Is it possible you can advise me on the VW part number of the US Spec VW Premium Bluetooth.

    As you probably know the European spec VW Premium Bluetooth, uses rSAP and thus will not connect with an iPhone. I see in your videos the US spec VW Premium does connect with an iPhone, so want to swap the units.



  42. Hello.

    I am looking to purchase the 2010 3 door sportline model of the golf. I went into the dealer to take a look and noticed that the 3 door has the premium audio system but does not have the multifunction steering wheel. I asked the dealer if its possible to add on the steering wheel but he told me I had to go up to the 5 door model.

    now my question is…
    is it possible to “add-on” the multifunction steering wheel on the 3 door golf??
    and also the same situation for leather interior.

    thank you

  43. Hi Jay,

    I have run across numerous blogs for VW information, but your blog is the best by far. I purchased the ‘first’ Bluetooth systems in a 2009 GLI my dealership ever sold, so they were/are a little limited on what they could tell me about my system.

    I have the Premium VII radio with Bluetooth controls on the steering wheel and a MFD in the cluster (no overhead controls as seen on the VW website).

    However, all that is displayed on the MFD whenever using the Bluetooth system is ‘Phone’. It does not list incoming call phone numbers or list the Phone Book feature as I have seen on some of your videos. Is this simply a programming error that can be corrected using a Vag-Com?

    Please advise, thank you!

    • I need to look into this, I wasnt aware of the GLI ever getting factory installed Bluettoh

      • Hi Jay, I was able to contact one of our VW Audio engineers who researched this issue. This particular radio does not support phone communication with the MFD. So it is not a software issue, but a hardware issue. Thanks for looking into this.

  44. Rich Szczepanski

    You are doing a great thing answering these questions! So much BS floats around the internet, it’s nice to hear from someone who really knows. Thanks for the help you’ve given me though your videos!

    I just got my brand new 2010 GTI today and while digging though the MFD menus, found a checkbox labeled “cornering lights”. There seems to be no mention of this in the manual (yes, I actually read it) and disagreement on the forums. What does this feature do?

    Thank you!


  45. Love the videos. I have learned a lot about my 2009 EOS. My question is about the Aux In function in the armrest. I purchased a cable to use with my mp3 player and when I hooked it up nothing happened. I do not have the owner’s manual for the audio system ( I either never got it lost it). Do you have to push something on the audio system to make the Aux In work?

  46. Jay,

    Love your videos. Check out this video we made comparing the structural integrity of the Toyota Corolla vs. Volkswagen Jetta. I think you’ll enjoy it.

  47. Hey, Jay. Great work, man. Very impressed that you answer each question. Just want you to know that it’s much appreciated.

    I have a similar question as Sehyun Ju. I have a 2010 JSW SE (US market) with base steering wheel and RCD-510. Was hoping to upgrade to a multi-function steering wheel. Found a guy on VWvortex selling a Scirocco multi-function wheel (which is the same as the MkVI GTI, according to the guy). Would it work? Checked with local dealership and got a probably. One service guy thinks it would just need to be coded, while parts told me no. Any information would be awesome.

  48. Jay,

    Thanks for your extremely informative blog posts and videos…much better than the “officiial” VW site.

    I have a new 2010 Jetta Sportwagon and wondering if you’ve heard this one about the radio unit. Mine behaves very erratically with my iphone 3Gs. First, bluetooth will only pair if I turn bluetooth on the phone before the car is started, no 5 minute grace period. Then, audio streaming usually works fine, but when I turn off Pandora radio on the iphone and try to switch to ipod the radio shows the song playing, but no sound! This morning, both Pandora and ipod worked great under the “media in” setting, a few times both have worked under the “BT audio” setting, but I can’t seem to be able to switch between ipod and Pandora in any kind of predictable way.

    Any guidance you might have would be greatly appreciated!

  49. Hey Jay, the subject of bluetooth 9w2 and 9w3 has been well documented but clear as mud.
    I have a 2009 Jetta highline purchased in Nov.09 and it has a 9w3 1zoo35729A My car has a RED mfd (posts say this model is in White mfd ONLY) well I can talk with using the steering wheel buttons but the phone book does not show up on the mfd. Will you please advise me of what EXACTLY this model wil and will not do/
    Thanks in advance!

  50. Hi Jay,

    I’m just like you.
    I’m also a VW sales guy in my home country (Portugal) and i’m the guy in my dealership that everyones asks for help in tecnical questions from the costumers.
    But i’ve something that everyone here says it’s impossible, but i think it can be done.
    I’ve costumer that wants to put Bluetooth Premium (VW Original) in is Golf MK6.
    Do you know the part number of all the parts needed?

    Thank you.

    From Portugal…the country that builds the VW EOS 😉

  51. I’m so disappointed about the RNS-315 replacing the RNS-510. If you were buying a GTI, would you opt for a 2010 or 2011 GTI, fully loaded? If you don’t mind, please email me (crayola012@live.com) your honest opinion– I highly respect you as an informed salesman. Thanks for your time!

  52. Hey Jay!

    It is a major breath of fresh air to find someone that not only knows so much about the cars he sells, but has the perpetual drive to constantly learn more and more! A friend referred me to your blog and insisted that if anyone had any truthful information, you would! I have seen numerous web sites claiming that at a media event in Wolfsburg Germany, VW of A claimed that the 2011 GTI-R would be heading to the states. I am having to use every bit of restraint to keep myself from placing an order for the new 2011 GTI Autobahn. I must have the 4Motion. 1800-Drive-VW did not have any information for me. Have you heart anything? Your help is very very very very appreciated!


  53. Hi Jay. I have a new 2010 CC Sport. The Bluetooth phone setup works great, but is there a way to lower the ring volume and/or tone on incoming calls? It is much louder than the existing music volume and is quite jolting whenever a call comes in… :O


  54. Hi Jay. I really like your blog, well done.
    MY question is: I have a 2010 CC sport with the mdi cable in the dash drop down compartment. My problem is that it will not recognize my ipod or my iphone regularly. Occasionally it will recognize it then quickly stop and say : Media device inoperational or something like that. What is my problem? Thanks

  55. Jason Schultz

    This past Saturday I became a proud owner of a 2008 Passat Komfort 2.0T. However the car came with no owners manual. What does the “Phone” and “star” do on the steering wheel? Please email me back and let me know.

    Jason Schultz

  56. Jay,
    I’m stationed in Germany and recently purchased a U.S. spec 2010 Jetta Wolfsburg edition.
    The FM tuning is set to the U.S. standard. I was wondering if there is a way to change the tuning to the European standard until I return to the U.S.?

  57. Hi,

    I am stationed in Portugal and I have a new VW Golf 2.0 with a premium Bluetooth Installation and also with a RNS 310.
    The problem is that I cannot sync my iPhone 3GS with the installed bluetooth.

    If I search on the iPhone it doesn’t discover anything, if I search in the car menu it discovers my Iphone but when I select it says something like: “Phone not Compatible”

    Do you know if there are any compatibility issues between the Iphone 3GS and the VW Bluetooth Premium System?



    • it could be an incompatible system being used there

      • The description for the bluetooth equipment here is:

        It seems this equipment requires that the mobile phone supports rSAP bluetooth profile which the iPhone does not. The iPhone supports the older HFP profile instead and the equipment does not fallbacck to this mode.

        I guess there is not much to do. New car or new phone :-).

        if you have any ideas please let me know…

  58. Jason Schultz


    Not sure if my first posted question/comment went through. I’m the proud owner of a 2008 Passat Komfort 2.0T as of last weekend. The car didn’t come with a manual and I would like to know what the phone symbal button and the star button is on the steering wheel. When I push the phone button it doesn’t seem to do anything. Star button beeps and mutes the radio.


  59. Jason Schultz

    Sorry saw your post above now, my fault! So what is the “Volk-L” system? Expensive? Easy to install?


  60. Jason Schultz

    Ok last question for now I guess. On the main computer screen it tells me gas cunsumption, blah blah blah….but there are “MPH – – -” it never says anything, is it suppose to?


  61. Hi Hay,

    awesome blog you got there.
    Just leased a 2010 Golf 2.5. Coming off an 07 Mazda 3 I am spoiled
    with regard to steering wheel mounted audio/cc controls, armrest, two power outlets in the front etc
    Now, while it is beyond me that in the year 2010 a car of that price and stature would not come equipped with an armrest in the only trim there is (TDI is different, I know), would I break my lease if I install an OEM armrest/storage console into my Golf? (Runs around $250 online to get in from Germany)
    I love the car, but missing that bothers me more than I thought it would ( I am a tall driver whose arms are far from the steering wheel and can use the armrest support…..)

  62. does anyone know if the Toureg 2011 will have a third row? Is there any 7 passenger vw option?

  63. Hi Jay,

    About a week ago I just leased a 2010 Jetta Wolfsburg. For some reason the RDS for an FM station is getting stuck and is not scrolling and saying the name of the song playing on the radio (it was working fine at first). It is doing this for every station. It keeps showing one word of an older song played.

    It is doing it for every radio station I tune into.

    I reset the radio back to the factory settings and then it showed just one word of the song currently playing and then wouldn’t change to the new song.

    But oddly enough it is working fine for the Sirius music channels.

    Any idea why this would be happening?

  64. Leonardo Franceschi

    Hi Jay,

    I just bought a Passat Variant that came with the RCD-510 but without the bluetooth module.
    Do you know a website where I can buy it?

    Leonardo Franceschi

  65. Hello,
    Thanks for the great website and videos on YouTube.
    I would like to buy a Golf MK6 with the 2.5L 5 cylinder engine, but I really want a factory navigation system. Do you know if VW plans to offer the 2.5L Golf w/ navigation in the future? Currently I would have to get a TDI.

  66. Jay –

    Just purchased a 2010 Tiguan Wolfsburg. What is the AUX jack in the middle console for?

  67. Jay –

    Also forgot to mention in my last post that I tried to load some music on a 1gb sd card (not a high capacity card) and I am getting an error message on the radio screen. I formatted the card to DOS fat…just like you video. I have had no luck and tried 2 different cards. Any suggestions?

  68. Jay –

    Figured out that the AUX jack is for an ipod. Got a male to male cord and works perfect. Still need to figure out the SD card.

  69. Jay,

    I have a new 2010 VW CC Sport model, does not have Dynaudio NOR Navigation, it does have Sat Radio.

    How can I interface the Ipod? It only has an AUX in the center console for connection of Ipod and I would like to run it through the radio. The original is very expensive and found several online much lower in price. Can you reccomend one?

    Best regards

  70. Jay,

    Thanks for the quick response. Just wanted to let you know that I tried the SD card with a format on my pc and loaded some music and I had 100% success. No problems.

    love the site and bookmarked it as a favorite. Keep up the good work.


  71. Kjell Ingar Svendsen

    Hi Jay.

    I have a question for you. I have order a scirocco 160 r-line.
    And i have seen on diffrent forums that when you put the car in reverse… The rear wiper goes on? Is that right? And if… Can that be turned off?

    Kjell Ingar ( Norway)

  72. Hi Jay,

    In DSG Tiptronic mode I get jerky downshifts when coming to a stop or 2nd gear turn. Is it best just to let the transmission downshift itself once I get below 3rd gear?

    (GTi mkvi)

  73. Herman Asarnow


    Can my 2010 JSW TDI house a full-size, 17″ wheel and spare in the spare-tire compartment? I have had conflicting answers from owners and VW dealer, here in Portland.

    Thanks for your help.


  74. Gary Parsons

    Hi Jay,

    Happy to come across your blog. I picked up a 2010 CC Sport on Friday. NoVav system installed. I also have a Blackberry Bold on the Rogers Canada network.

    I cannot, for the life of me, get the MP3’s on the bb to stream through the car audio. Are they compatable or should I give up trying.

  75. Hey Jay

    First off…you have an awesome blog. I wish I had found it 3 years ago when I got my first GTI. So here is my question. My lease is up on 6/25. I was wondering if I should go extend it (i think it’s only for a month VW Credit let’s you) and wait for the 2011 GTI or just buy the 2010 GTI?


  76. Hey Jay,

    Quick question, how does speed-dependent control work on a GTI6.


  77. Hey Jay,

    I currently own a 2004 VW Jetta GLS, 2.0L, Auto. I have completed all recommended services in my owners manual upon reaching “x” mileage at my local VW dealership. I have just reached 102,000mi and the 100,000mi service “recommends” replacing the timing belt. I have yet to experience any issues with my Jetta, the vehicle runs great! Do you also recommend replacing the belt? If so, why? Also, do you recommend I take it to my dealership for this service or would it not make a difference to take it to a local mechanic.

    FYI I have contacted my local dealership and they recommend this service and want to charge me $600.00+.

    Thank you-

  78. Hey Jay. I am interested in the R line CC. I have done my research on the MSRP and the Market Values of the vehicles. At the dealership in my city they have marked the cars up $7-9,000. What would you consider a comparable negoiating price.

    Do you know of any VW Brokers

  79. Just picked up a CC lux with Appearance and have learned so much from watching your videos, so thanks you!!

    Do the 18inch Interlagos that came on on my CC have the self-sealing tires like on the 17″ alloys? Also, can you tell me what the stock stereo is in my car, I don’t have the 600w Dynaudio… One more thing, if you were my dealer would you be upset if I debaged the “CC” and the “2.0T” off the trunk?? [its a lease…]

  80. Hey Jay! Thanks for being a VW guy while also selling them…. its good to know that there are sales-people who know their product. Rare!

    Im in Sydney Australia and about to take delivery of my 5th VW in a row. Im replacing the R32 with a R – Im hoping that I dont miss the VR6 howl too much!

    My dillemma is VWVortex…. I have been away for a couple of weeks (in the US actually) and since I have been back I cant find the site and the post/link you made last month doesnt seem to work either. Has the ‘Tex gone? Or is it lurking somewhere?

    All assistance greatfully appreciated!!!! Matt

  81. Hello. I am very close to buying a Sportwagen TDI. I realize the bluetooth is a 9w2 and it is important that I have the 9w3. Is this something I can switch out myself? My sales guy says his shop won’t do it as it is not VW certified. Should I wait for the 2011? When will they be out? I was also told the iPhone 3GS is not officially compatible with the current bluetooth. Any information on that? Will it be compatible with the 9w7 for the 2011 model? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

  82. Just picked up my 2010 EOS Lux in Black with the Teak interior and 18″ Veracruz wheels. I would never have known how beautiful the interior/exterior combo was had I not viewed your video. The dealership did not know that the combo existed. It is truly sublime! THANKS

  83. Hi Jay,
    you have a great site! As I just immigrated from Germany and my wife and I bought a 2010 Tiguan I already found a lot of valuable information here.
    Here is the thing: I still have like 2 month till I can work here in the US and have been driving several VWs in Germany. Let me know if you can use a hand with research of information from German Volkswagen websites / forums / etc. I’d be happy to help.


  84. Thanks a bunch for your really cool blog. It’s a goldmine of info and insights, and frequently touches areas even dealships won’t try hard to research for answers customers need.
    A few days ago, my local VW dealer agreed (!) to install a RNS-510 I bought from a vw-authorized Euro car specialty store. It went into my 07 Eos as a swap-out for the EOS’S factory-installed Premium VII w/CD 6-pack W/SIRIUS.
    The RNS-510 unit was made for Siemens by Skoda/Czech Republic.
    After instalation and check-out,the Sirius bAnd will not connect. although Sirius tech support was able to send an activation msg/ anD get a receipt from the 510’s Sirius unit. The OEM shop told me a sifferent satcom antenna cable is needed than the one used for the Dynaudio unit removed from the Eos. dOES THIS MAKE SENSE? i would have thought the 510 could use the existing satcom antenna wiring – since both Sirius and GPS are SHF radio-compatible.
    TIA – aggain, your blog sets a standard.

    Steve in PA

  85. Jay,
    A while ago you posted the schedule of upcoming model rollouts and one item that is of interest to me is your mention of the 2011.5 CC facelift. Do you have any idea of timing and what it might mean (new corporate front end for sure but what else)?

    I’m looking to buy or lease a 2.0T CC Sport R-line and I’m in a position to wait 6 months or longer to get the facelifted model. If it’s more like next summer, I might just try to get a deal on a 2010 model now.

    Ali in SoCal

  86. What is the soonest I should be able to walk into a dealer and be able to place an order for a 2011 Jetta? Is it true that if I time it right, I can get my spec’d out Jetta batched in with the rest of the dealer’s initial allotment.
    Thanks for the great site.

    • the initial batch of cars will be configured the way VW wants them to be, the second wave is when dealers get a say so. You should be able to place an order a month from now

  87. Did you already see the Amarok?

    VWs first Pick-Up for Europe, maybe they will send it to the US one day…

  88. My friend bought a 2010 VW wagon TDI diesel. The manual says 10,000 miles for first oil change. The dealer wants her in at 5,000. What to do???? BTW, if she does it at ten, it’s free with her plan, at five….she pays.

    thanks, Jim

  89. Is the CC getting the new VW fascia for 2011? Also, will it be getting the 3-seat rear? Thanks.

  90. Fahrenheit533

    What are the chances of the US getting the Blue Sport if it has been green lighted as reported all over the web today?

  91. Bruce Robinson

    We have a new Australian (April) Golf Wagon 1.6 TDI Trendline (base model) (made in Mexico)

    The multifunction display is different from that shown in the generic manual. I have asked the dealer for a detailed MFD user manual, but they say it is impossible!. Surely there is a website with information about the various MFD displays, logic, etc, or an electronic users manual I could download. ??

    Regards, and thanks for your work. You should get a bonus and funding from VW for providing your info

    Bruce Robinson, Perth, Australia

  92. Hello Jay I just bought a brand new Golf mk6 highline and I was wondering what is the maximum capacity of sd card that the radio support ? I want to put a 10 or 16 gb card in here and some people are telling me it’s working but I want to be sure before buying the card….

    Thanks !

  93. Hi there Jay,
    I am looking into getting a Tiguan, either a 2011 or possibl a 2012 depending on when I am able to order. Unfortunately, they are eliminating Sappire blue, but that’s really the only color I would want…A friend of mine was able to order a custom color for his scion with no problem, is this possible with vw?
    Thanks so much; I’m in nova, so I’ll most likely come to your dealership when I’m ready!

  94. Hi Jay,

    Your site is great! I just bought a 2010 Tiguan and I am having trouble with the memory card. I formatted in FAT and am using a 32gb SDHC but I get a card read error. Is it possible my stereo firmware is not up to date? I am at a loss.


  95. Hello Jay, Congratulations for the awesome site. I have a VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI (It was bought from Europe) and I live in USA now (till 2012). It has the RCD 310 radio on it and I wonder if I can replace it with the RCD 510 Premium 8 (Are there any differences in Radios between european and US versions of the Tiguan?. If I can replace it with the Premium 8, where can I find it and are there any other aftermarket units equivalent to it?

  96. Jay,
    Do you have the VCI July lease terms for the CC Sport R-line? I am interested in a 3 yr/12K mile per year lease and would like to know the residual and MF. Thanks!

  97. Hi Jay,

    I hope things work out for you job-wise. I read your first entry above and I really liked it. I owned a Jetta (GLS 1.8T) for 10 years 2000 – 2010, and just got a CC about 2 months ago. Unlike most new purchasers, I delved into my owner’s manual and was disappointed.. I write tech docs for a living, and this latest oweners manual is horribly confusing. I love the car! But the manual comes over like it was missed on the checklist and hurriedly put together.

    Question: If you are leaving your site, is there another valid site or even a contact site within VW which can answer questions about the car and it’s many features (cause I have a lot of questions!)?

    Kind regards,


  98. Hello Jay,

    I have a urgent question, I need to know if the volkswagen cc 2010 (without navigation), will allow me to do bluetooth music streaming with a blackberry, iphone, or ipad. If not is there any firmware update.. ?

    Lastly, will the ipad work with the mdi cable.. Thank you.

  99. what are you hearing about a US CC with seating for 5?
    I’m itching for a CC but one of my kids would be out of luck.

  100. and congrats on the promotion!

  101. Hey Jay, wonderful site and great information. I am a proud owner of a 2010 VW CC RLine and I am looking for a little info on “How to install a front license plate bracket for US based VW”
    One my 2000 Passat GLX I did not have to drill into the bumper and they had a special bracket.

    Also where can I get a bracket for an RLine CC ?

  102. Jay
    I was shocked at the similarities I had experienced when I read about your site. I knew more about my CC before i went to drive it than a 5 years VW sales vet. Needless to say I was very dissappointed with my service and aftercare. At the time of this letter I have been unemployed since Nov09, and while I was in my local dealership today inquiring about a part I asked about any job openings. I have no car sales experience, and was quickly shown into the sales managers office. He asked how i was qualified to sell his cars. I told him about my research before I bought my CC and the dissapointing experience at the other VW dealer. Then I jumped out on a limb and bet him I knoew more about my Cc than his salesmen. We did a little falsh test me asking most of the questions and I won. I have also had the unfortunate experience of being in a head on collision in my Lat CC. I am on number 2 now. I was hit head on by a full size dodge ram and walked away unharmed! At this point i asked him if any of his salesmen (a) drove a CC or Passat, and (b) if any had survived a headon collision because on VW engineering? He was walking out the door and assured me that ” I like your style” and “I want to talk to you when I get back into town, as we have 9 salesmen now, but wont when I get back”. So to my question: what should i expect if I am offered a sales position. I LOVE vw and like you have had 5. I stayed up all night the nioght i bought my first CC reading the manual. I worked on F-18’s in the Navy and can see my self devouring the manuals so I may answer any questions anyone may have. I want to be this dealerships “Jay”. But first I would like to know what to expect or ask for in my meeting with the sales manager. Thank you Jay!!!!

  103. Hi jay,
    i have a vw cc 2011, and a want to ask you if i can sync my iphone 3G with the volkswagens bluetooth connectivity ?
    and how to do it ?

  104. Hi Jay,
    I’m probably asking the same question others have asked a thousand times but i get lost in the technicals.
    I’m looking to buy a new 2011 vw golf and want to buy it with a radio that will audio stream from iphone and take/make calls also using MF steering wheel. I’m totally lost as are the sales people in my local car dealership (thats Ireland for ya).
    Can you give me some advice? I watched your recent sneak peak with 9w7 thingy (see I dont even know what that is!)
    Any help would be massive and I’ve already spent 3 hours trying to garner info on it…
    Thanks in advance
    C Lawless

  105. Jay,
    I bought an 06 GTI from you a few years back, these 2011’s are looking pretty nice, think you can hook me up with a deal on a 4 door?

  106. Hi Jay,

    My question is similar to Christopher’s, I’m ordering a 2010 polo 77TSI and confused with the bluetooth options, my dealer can’t seem to say for sure what works with iPhone 4 and what doesn’t.

    I’m planning on getting the RCD-510 with MDI for a separate iPod, but would like to be able to make/receive calls from the steering wheel/MFD if possible. I’ve heard that the standard VW bluetooth units don’t work with iPhone, is that still the case? If so, what sort of unit should I look for?


  107. Hey Jay!

    Your blog is awesome. Thanks for all the great info. I just bought a 2011 Tiguan SEL with Premium Nav. Love it. I do have a question though. It has Kessy, and I’ve seen a video of a GTI with Kessy that lets you just grab the door handle of a locked car and open it right up (as long as you have the key on you). No matter what I do, the Tiguan just stays locked. Is there a way to enable the keyless entry option on mine? Thanks again for all the great stuff. Take care!

    – Josh

  108. Hello, Jay,

    Thanks for all your hard work at maintaining an informative blog. A quick question: will the the 2011 Jettas have the air conditioning vents for the rear passengers. I can’t tell from any of the published photos. You may not be privileged to this information yet, but I thought I would ask. Thanks again.

  109. Thanks, Jay. I appreciate the info and the follow up.

  110. Hi Jay,

    GREAT site! Really helpful. I’m hoping you can help me. I have a 2009 EOS with an RNS-510. I keep reading about the RNS-510 firmware update, but my dealer keeps telling me it doesn’t exist. Can you help me point them in the right direction? Thanks!

  111. Paul Cocus :
    Hi Jay,
    GREAT site! Really helpful. I’m hoping you can help me. I have a 2009 EOS with an RNS-510. I keep reading about the RNS-510 firmware update, but my dealer keeps telling me it doesn’t exist. Can you help me point them in the right direction? Thanks!

    Hey Paul, check out http://vwnavi.com/forum.php and http://www.my-gti.com/1198
    this might arm you with info to take back to the dealer or do it yourself.

  112. Hi Jay, I think your videos you post are very informative, and most people wouldn’t think to make them, but you did. Keep um commin brother.

    I am a first time car buyer (18 y.o). I have $ 10,000 to spend on a used VW, but I just don’t know which one to buy. My parents have had 17 VW’s combined and insist my first car be a VW. Which year and model would you suggest for me? I don’t really want a fast car, so any thing with four cylinders will work. Turbo would be nice though…

    Let me know what you think I should buy!


  113. Jay,

    I just bought a 2011 Tiguan SE with a RNS315 Nav system. Do I need to get a phone adopter in order to have hands free bluetooth phone capabilities? Thanks

  114. Jay,

    Love the site and your dedication to VW. I liked the info you put out on the new 2011 GTI’s and how they differ from the 2010’s. Do you have anything similar for the 2011 Golf? I’ve loved the GTI but I might be persuaded to go with a Golf because of price point and not having to use premium fuel. What advice can you give? Thanks again

  115. Helloo, Jay.

    I bought 2010 passat on 06/11 (Fairfax, VA). About month later, the media console (RNS 510? – radio/6cd/mdi but no navigation) started showing problem:

    1. The console does not show the ipod track (song title) correctly. That is, ipod plays the next song but the console display is stuck at showing previous song info and does not go forward. This happens on and off (more off). Ipod is Ipod Nano 3rd gen.

    2. One Radio station (FM 107.3) drops signals 4~5 seconds frequently. (Not static or noise but dropping singals – no sound for 5+ seconds).

    I brought the car to the service center at dealer for three times and they have not been willing to help. They are just saying “it must be your ipod” and “you were in poor reception area” and such. (My Hyundai Sonata which I’ve had for 2+ years had no local fm reception problem – I can’t buy dealer’s reasoning).

    What can I do at this point? I am very unhappy with how this dealer is treating its customer… rather than trying to fix the problem, just disregarding it… I do think it is the unit (RNS 510) that has the problem.

    Any suggestion…? Thank you for your help.

  116. Hi Jay, I am the proud owner of a new 2010 Tiguan SEL. LOVE IT! But, I spent 1/2 hour today trying to load my ipod songs on the hard drive and I can’t get the storage option to come up. When I plug the ipod in I only get the play option it doesn’t display the menu that allows you to store on the hdd. What am I doing wrong?

  117. Hi Jay,
    Your blog is awesome.
    I have a2010 Jetta TDI Higline with the 9W3 Blutooth equipment. Can i install the 9W7 system in my Jetta.
    Keep up the great work
    Thanks in advance



  118. Hi Jay,
    Have a question that I keep getting several different answers for that you might be able to help me with.
    I have a 2010 VW Jetta Limited Edition with the base stereo in it. I want to upgrade it to either a RCD-510 (like the ones in the SE) or a RNS-510 like i have in my Passat.

    I have seen postings of people who have done retro-fits of both but cannot find anyone who will do one. I do not have the MFSW or HiLine Display so I know that part will be lost. I just want the touch screen and IPOD options, Nav would be awesome if the RNS would work but not a deal breaker if have to go with the RCD option. The stereo shops say that it can’t be done then trying to sell me aftermarket, the dealers say no that they have to rewire the entire car. From what I see atleast the RCD-510 would be plug and play for the most part. NEED HELP FROM THE EXPERT 🙂

    Thank you!


  119. Have you seen the latest spot for the VW sharan (German commercial)?

  120. Hello Jay,

    Love your blog, and VW’s!

    I’m in the market for a new 2011 Tiguan SEL, but have a question. I like the 2.0 Turbo, but wanted to know if VW is planning on bringing in the TDI in the near future? Also wanted a manual transmission. Thanks for any assistance/information!


  121. Fantastic site Jay,

    I just picked up a 2010 Jetta LE and with the exception of the Radio/iPod integration, I love it.

    I have two questions. 1) Can you speak to the MKIV, MKVI terminology that I’ve been seeing and how to determine what model someone has.

    2) Do you know of any way to swap out the ipod for the AUX adapter? I know there are aftermarket solutions, but I was looking more towards the VW solution. Also, can a generic bin be ordered to swap out the ipod if there isn’t a VW solution?

    Again, thanks for the information, I’m putting the RSS in my Google reader.

  122. What’s the deal with the Mechatronic recall for the R32?

    I saw the campaign PDF (37E6) and it looks like it only applies to a certain VIN range, however, guys on the forums with cars not in that VIN range have had the unit replaced too. Why does it only apply to a certain subset of cars, did they change the unit at some point in the R32’s production? Can/should I still get the unit replaced?

    Thanks in advance,

    • That recall was eons ago! check with your local dealer if you are having issues they can check your VIN

      • Hi Jay, actually this recall is brand new (June 2009). R32s just started getting this service this month (September). Do you know why it only applies to some of the 5,000 R32s imported into the US and not others or do you have any more information on this recall?


      • I meant June 2010, not 2009 in my reply. The recall just started a few months ago and R32s are scheduled to get the service this month.

  123. Hey Jay,

    I just upgraded my 2011 Sportwagen TDI’s stereo to the RNS-510. I don’t have an OBD-II cable for my computer, or software; I lost steering wheel controls as well as the display of radio stuff in the MID.
    Can a VW dealer fix this, or should I just go buy software and hardware to do this myself?
    It’s tempting to also get maybe the automatic windows up/down using the remote; however it’s kinda pricey, and I already spent a LOT in the car and the stereo… and I still have to buy an MDI adapter.


  124. Hello Jay,

    As soon as you get your hands on a 2011 CC VR6 Executive could you please do a video on how the new “ventilated” or cooled (?) seats work, look and sound. THANK YOU!

  125. I’ve got a weird issue. I’ve got a 2010 Jetta Wolfburg edition, with the RCD-510 radio. I normally have the speed dependent volume set to about the middle setting, but for some reason it resets itself to be off – all the way to the left. I have to constantly reset it. I do have my phone paired with the radio, but I haven’t noticed that it happens after I receive a call. Hear of this before? Is there an update for my radio’s firmware perhaps? Thanks.

  126. Jay Pichardo :
    Sounds like you have a firmware bug

    And I’m guessing you don’t know if there’s any update that can be done?

  127. To John T.
    I have a 2010 Golf Gti and have the same issue. I don’t actually know if it’s after a call. But it resets itself.

  128. to Jay Pichardo
    any news on the Golf R, when??

  129. Hey Jay,
    Have you had any complaints about speedos being off? [2010 TDi Highline Golf Sportwagen] mines off by 7% [shows 93] when doing 100 kph. VW says it’s within 10% do it’s good. To me it’s dangerous being out that much – not to mention how I attract tail-gaters.
    Any fixes? Or how to deal with VW, so they make it correct?

  130. Hi Jay

    I sent you this by email too but not sure I had the right address.

    I want to connect a bluetooth phone, ideally an i-phone but if not a nokia phone using either blue tooth or MDI cable in a Golf GTD 2010 model.

    No-one in VW in the UK seems to have any idea how to make this work.

    Can you advise:
    1. if I have an MDI cable will the i-phone connect to the RNS510 and allow me to use the address book synchronising and touch screen
    2. If the answer to Q1 is no then will it work with Blue tooth
    3. Does the RNS510 come with the bluetooth connector as standard or does this require additional kit – if so what is the part number
    4. If it does not work at all with an iphone 😦 then what do I need to do to make it work with a Nokia E50 or more modern Nokia device

    Many thanks in advance.



    • I am not familiar with how the cars are set up in the UK but in the US you need 9W3 or 9W7 for the phonebook downloading to work.

    • Hi Ben,

      Yes the iphone has a cable, i got one for free at my local VW. You can then use it as in ipod for music via your touch screen panel.
      Yes you can sync your nokia to the car – as long as you have remote sim access (bluetooth settings – should be there – it is on the E51) but you need the bluetooth premium kit installed. This unfortunately will not work for your iphone due to the remote sim access (apple dont have it).
      But you could just forward calls to your nokia when you’re in the car?!

      Hope this helps

  131. Hi Jay!
    I have the Scirocco 2010 2.0 TDi 170, just wondering if there is supposed to be under door lights? ie. When its dark you can see what your stepping into!
    (my old Golf used to have them!!)

    Many Thanks


  132. Hi, i have a 2010 VW golf and was scrolling though the settings and noticed the snow tyre speedo ajustment, does this alter both the digital speedometer readout and the main speedometer or just the digital readout?

    Regards Phil

  133. Hi Jay,

    I guess this is the official proof that VWs are doing good on fuel consumption.

  134. Hi Jay,

    the German EOS website is up and running!

  135. Hi Jay,

    I was hoping you could tell me all the differences (if any, besides the obvious) between the Jacky Cloth Sport Seats and the Titan Black Vienna Leather Top Sport Seats in the Canadian Mk6 Golf GTI model? Thank you for your help.

  136. Hi Jay

    Great work that you do for all the VW fans.
    Wanna move to Canada and sell them up here?

    2011 Jetta Commercial

  137. Hello Jay, I have a 2009 GTI with an RNS-510. My RNS has a mute button instead of the phone button and I wanted to know how to tell what version it is and what firmware it has. Also, can the firmware on this model be upgraded? Thanks for your help.

  138. Question for you Jay –

    Any new news on the iPod 2 second lag since you posted about it in August?

  139. Hi,

    Does the 2011 GTI come with an anti-theft alarm system and immobilizer III anti-theft system? In the brochures and web, it states that the alarm systems are a standard feature of the GTI. However, since VW.com was redesigned, the alarm system is not listed on the features list.

  140. Just wondering. Did vw get rid of the full featured MFI from the 2010 golf models? From looking at photos from VW’s website it now looks like they took the “lite” mfi from the 2011 Jetta and stuck it in the 2011 Golf. Can you please clarify this. Thanks for your time. -Steven

  141. Don’t you miss the Polo in the US? Not even for your’e wife?

    Well Holland is a small country. Keep up the good work greetings Joep.

  142. Hi there Jay!

    Great info.

    I am amazed by the fact that VW can sell new cars not supporting iPhone and other smartphones. I just got hold of a early 2010 VW Tiguan – with the RNS510 and the preium phone package. When I try to connect my iPhones (4 and 3GS), it says invalid device… (yes, I live in Norway, and it is a European Tiguan). So I guess my unit still uses rSAP?

    Is there anything I can do? Change the blouetooth module?

    All I want to do is to make calls using the built-in buttons and mic in the dome light area, use the phone buttons on my steering wheel, AND ALSO use A2DP music streaming.

    Is there any solution for this? Is there any way I can check for what bluetooth module I have? Version#? Part#? Where is it located?


    Oystein Saebo

  143. Hi Jay,

    I love my new 2011 Tiguan SE 4Motion with panoramic sunroof & navigation! The one thing I really miss is a back-up camera (but I didn’t want to shell out for the SEL…). Can you suggest an aftermarket back-up camera that would work with my RSN 315 navigation? Ideally one that doesn’t require drilling (but that’s not a deal breaker) and obviously I don’t want to invalidate my VW warranty.

    Thank you.

  144. Hi Jay,

    I have a 2007 RHD UK TDI DSG Passat, but my left arm is paralysed due to an accident.

    I am fairly confident with electronics, and I’m considering wiring in an aftermarket door opener, so the “unlock” button is right turn signal, and “lock” is left. The keyfob can be mounted under the right hand side of the steering wheel.

    My wires from the unit are live feed; Ground; lock signal (positive or negative) and unlock signal (positive or negative).

    Do you know which wires in the steering column I should tap in to?



  145. Jay,
    I recently test drove a manual CC and was ready to buy it. Only problem- I live in Florida and found the leatherette seats and underpowered AC system to be a deal breaker. Are there any after market leather seats? Is the AC system a problem or do I need to test drive another car. Everything else about the car was great.
    Thanks j

  146. Jim,

    You’ve been reading the Vortex, haven’t you? :-). I have that setup, and although I live in New England, we had many days north of 90 degrees and neither the leatherette nor my A/C was a problem.

  147. Jay, I have a one-week old 2011 Jetta Sportwagen. Everything works fine, by the SD card reader is not accepting my SD cards. Despite using cards of various sizes, e.g., 2GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB, formatted as FAT-32, I continue to get the message, “Error Accessing SD Card Reader.” Any suggestions. Thanks.

  148. Hi, love you blog I am purchasing a 2011 Tiguan SL love the seats want to put a full nav system with back up camera the works I have found Rosen and rns 510 about the same price. Are there major differences with them if so what. I would like all the keys on the steering wheel to work Bluetooth etc
    I looked at websites like mf3d are they legit? Please help

    Thanks, Digby

  149. hi,

    well first of all thanks for ur blog page it’s very helpful. i had a question though i just bought a 2011 cc lux plus and was wondering what acc. it’s suppose to come with as far as like the grocery net, trunk hooks, etc. are those extra things or are some of those included.

    thank you

  150. Is the 2012 GLI going to be at the LA Auto Show? If not, when will it be shown to the public?

  151. Hey Jay just wanted to ask you if there’s a way I could put the GTI headlights on my 2010 Jetta LE?? Thanks

  152. purchased the 2011 Jetta (SEL) … beautiful car! But, cannot find/access “convenience menu” to change “horn honk” when locking the car and/or “unlock” all doors vs. one door. Only info that I could find is that VW changed the access from Jetta to Polo format. And I could not find info on the VW Polo to access same. Any suggestions? … sites to access?

  153. Jay
    I am beginning to think my windows on my 59 MK6 Golf have a mind of there own, as one or all of them seem to be opening from time to time, after I have locked up and walked away.

    Is this something that my dealer maybe aware of, or am I going mad…!!!!!

  154. I just watched your episode #63 regarding the bluetooth audio and now realize that I do not have it on my 2010 Jetta Sedan TDI. I wanted to thank you for putting this together, it was most helpful and will surely save a lot of aggravation down the road in further research, no knowing it is not just me! Guess I will have to pick out a nice AUX cord and/or stick with the iPod interface. Thank you!!

  155. Hi Jay,

    I know its just a little thing but customers is spelled customers, not costumers. Those would be people that specialize in dressing people in costumes. I’m the Geek here, so I appreciate what you are trying to do with your site.


  156. Hi Jay,

    I have a 2010 CC Sport with a manual transmission. The dealer did an SVC Campaign # 24R9, ECM Software Update while the car was last in for service. What does this update do? The dealer said he didn’t know. Do you have any ideas? Thanks.

  157. I have a Mark 6 Golf GTI – great wheels.
    Swapped phones and now have many entries duplicated on car phone book .
    No way to delete that I can find .
    There must be a way to do this – if a vehicle is sold presume the phone book is wiped.
    Local dealer no help !

  158. is there a way to hook an subwoofer and amp to the rns 315 or rns 510?

  159. I see your posting about the 2011 Jetta TDi, any word on the Cup Edition this year?

  160. Hello. I just ordered a Golf 6 3d tsi dsg highline edition (in Greece) with the RCD-510 stereo and asked for the factory bluetooth option to be installed (9ZB as they told me). What I want to know is using my iphone 4, except for the bt-audio, will I be able to make and receive calls from the steering wheel and the touch screen, and also will I be able to see my contacts, smss etc on the rcd-510 screen?

  161. Hi Jay, I had a quick question. My 2010 Jetta has the old radio with the ipod adaptor (http://dataton.net/vw/CDchanger/VW-iPod_Dock-armrest-1.jpg). I want to convert the ipod into axillary using this cable(http://www.gromaudio.com/store/accessories/cable-c-ipd2jk.html). Would this work?


  162. I have a 2011 GTI Autobahn. WIth KESSY, Is there a way to power-on accessories (radio/phone) without also turning on the DRLs?

  163. I have 2006 VW GTI with stock NON Navigation stereo. Will 2006-2009 GTI stereo with Navigation plug and play in my car? Is there a way to make it work?

    Thanks in advance.

  164. Jay,

    Thank you for your military service!
    Thanks for this website!
    Request…tell VWofA that we really want the european Jetta, Passat and CC feature and builds in the US!


  165. Jay,

    When’s the California coming to the US?

    I would pay up to 65-70K for an 4Motion and the most powerful engine available in a heart beat!


  166. Hello Jey.
    I need same help on my recently new VW Golf station Wagon whit a blackberry phone. I´m using the VW Bluetooth Premium to speak while I’m driving, and after the Bluetooth connection is establish the blackberry block´s the screen and I cannot perform any operation on it.o perform tasks on the blackberry I got to unpaired the phone from the VW Golf and all the operations have to be performed on/from the VW Golf; how can I configure my blackberry or my Golf to don’t block the blackberry. I already tried an Iphone, and this doesn’t occur.
    Thanks in advance.

  167. I’ve written a document about about my problems pairing bluetooth with my Jetta Sportwagon TDI 2010 and my Samsung Galaxy S Verizon Android Phone. Since it is a detailed write-up and includes pictues, I’ve uploaded to Google Docs. I’d love any help I can get with this problem.

    If the shortened URL above doesn’t work, you can try this one:

  168. how do I get my Iphone 4 / i tunes to work in my new vw new beetle limited edition

  169. i just purchased a 2010 vw new beetle limited edition

    I can’t get my iphone 4 to play or connect the itunes through it….how do i do that

    there is the cable in the glove box but nothing happens

  170. Hi Jay:

    Thanks so much for all that you are doing with this blog and your videos. I have found it very useful. I recently purchased a 2010 GTI with the autobahn package, Touchscreen Navigation System (the 510), the DSG, Rear Side Airbags, and Bluetooth Connectivity (I believe 9W2). On my steering wheel, I have the voice activation button right where it normally would be. However, it seems to not have any function in my car unless I’m missing something. Looking at videos of the 9W3, and also of the 2011 bluetooth, I see how the voice activation button is meant to work.

    Given the options that I ave, does it make sense that the button is there despite not having any functionality in my car? Alternatively, if the button is there, does that mean that it is functiuonal, but I have not set it up properly?

    Thanks a lot for your help

  171. Just purchased a 2011 CC R-Line. Goy my Motorola Droid Bluetooth to sync right away but cant figure out how to sync my “Contacts” to the car. Is this possible?

  172. Jay,

    Have you heard any rumors from VW about a TDI Tiguan. I know previously there was a problem with the Tiguan 2.0 TDI needing a Urea treatment system to pass emissions certification. This problem has been solved apparently with the pending launch of the 2012 Passat TDI.

  173. Hi Jay,

    You are so right! The local sales guys don’t have a clue about the tech stuff. I love your blog! We just bought a 2011 Jetta tdi with navigation. We love it but have a few questions. The display in the instrument cluster looks different than the example shown in your explanation of the multi-function display. We only have one trip computer showing so far and I am wondering if I have a second one like the multi-function display does. It seems like the average fuel consumption resets every time we start the car. How do I get a total average? I would like to be able to track my fuel consumption for a week or a month or a whole tank….just wondering if my display is capable of this function?

    Thanks for you help!

  174. Hello, have two questions regarding 2011 GTI manual with sunroof and navigation. Received a very attractive quote from dealer (in Georgia), while speaking with the salesperson over the phone he said that the quote was so low because it included a $500 dealer incentive that he was giving back to me. I asked him if I will still qualify for the low 1.9% rate and he said no because he gave me the dealer incentive. Is that correct? Does not make sense to me since it is a dealer incentive and not a customer incentive. The low APR is customer incentive. Can you clarify?

    2nd question is regarding the 18″ Detroit wheels. 2011 VW GTI brochure shows 3 accessory wheels, can I exchange the detroit wheels and choose one of the accessory wheels and pay any difference? Dont want to buy the car and the have to buy 4 accessory wheels in addition to the Detroit ones.

    Thank you

  175. It looks like the rear brakes on the 2012 GLI are from the regular jetta (not the same size as the rear brakes on the GTI). Do you know anything about this? Thanks!

  176. Hi Man.
    Amazing job with the videos. Hope that VWoA treats you well. Looks to me like you are doing more PR and marketing and advertising in this informal way that what they do with their big bucks.

    A question: I have a 2010 Golf TDI. Can you comment on the HPPF failures? I can understand that nothing and nobody is perfect, but I am very upset when I read that VWoA is blaming its customer for a design problem.

    Thank you.

  177. Hello

    I recently purchased a VW 2007 Touareg with the factory installed Bluetooth Phone Preparation. It has what looks like a cradle for a phone in the centre armrest (but it a female connector 818.1 is displayed on it) and it doesn’t loo like it will take a standard phone without some sort of additional wiring / cradle. I assume it can be used to charge the phone – which I would love to do. I have a few Nokia’s that support rSAP and they work and connect to the bluetooth itself – but how can I connect them to the armrest cradle ?

  178. Hi Jay, really like your videos, great job!

    Got a question for you. Do you have any clue when will the 2012 Jetta Sportwagen come out? Is there any change/update? I am looking forward to buying one. Not sure if I should wait for the 2012 or just take the 2011. Thank you!

  179. Hi Jay,

    great blog man. quick question for you. I went to the dealer here in DC today and they told me that there was a engine performance software update for my 2010 SportWagen TDI. No one was able to tell me the details. Any ideas on what this actually does?

    Improved ECM Software Calibration to stabilize 02 sensor MAF diagnosis and to improve drivability. Must show openin ELSA web as 23H1 campaigns.


    • ECM = Engine Control Module, this is basically a small computer that controls your engine.
      MAF = Mass Air Flow sensor, this is a device that detects how much air flows into your engine and sends this information to the ECM so that it can optimize the amount of fuel is combined with the amount of air detected for the perfect air/fuel ratio for better performance and gas mileage.

      So it would appear they came up with a better software solution for your MAF/ECM.

      ELSA is a service department software tool and the 23H1 campaigns would probably refer to a service tracking system so they can track who was provided the update to their vehicle.

  180. Hello Jay.. I have a 2011 Jetta TDI sedan with an RNS510 with the 9W7 module.. how do I insert a pause into the dialing sequence so that I can properly control my voice mail?
    This has me stumped….Help, please????

  181. I have a 2011 Jetta SE. The Bluetooth module was just replaced and now it does NOT download the phonebook from my phone. Prior to the replacement of the module everything worked fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the phone to the car. Any suggestions as to what I should do next? I have already made 3 trips to the dealership for this problem and am hoping not to make it 4.

  182. adam bloomenstgin

    Jay, Love the blog. I recenl;ty replaced my 2010 cc Lux with the RNS 510 radio for a 2011 Lux with the RNS 315. The smaller screen on the 315 is more than overcome by its quicker speed. However I qam confused as to whether VW has an aftermarket retofit to change the emblem with camera to allow for a rear view using the 315 radio. Cn you advise if there is a retofit where and what to get.

  183. Jay, very good blog. I need your help about RNS 510 maps. I have a Tiguan with RCD 510 and replaced it with a RNS 510( I bought in Europe) my car is in Argentina and they don’t sell it here.But the problem is that I can not get the maps for South America. Any info where I could get them, I tried NAVTEQ, VW USA but nothing. Do you know if I could load other type of maps?

  184. I recently bought a 2011 Jetta with the KESSY system. I really love it but have a couple questions that I can’t seem to get straight answers for and I’ve tried to do these things but it just doesn’t work and wanted to know if they are supposed to or not.
    One is locking the vehicle – shouldn’t touching the sensor on the door handle lock it.
    Second is closing the windows and sunroof – I thought there was a “convenience” function to do this when you lock the vehicle.


  185. I just wanted to send a quick message to you to say that you ROCK!!!
    Thanks for spending the time to show everyone the great features on their new VW’S.
    I learned about new ones on my 2011 CC that I didn’t even know I had.
    Keep up the great work!

  186. Jay, love all the info.
    My question:
    Can the new 2011 tdi with Nav show directions in it’s MFD like the vid you have of the older gti (you posted that vid on Dec 21. 2010). Thanks so much.

  187. Hi Jay,

    My iphone 4 will not connect with my bluetooth in my 2010 Jetta Sportswagon. Is there a compatibility problem and if so, is there a fix?


  188. Hi Jay

    Nice vidoe … great help..

    BUT i have a problem with connecting my Iphone 4 to my RNS510 ???

    It sits in 2007 VW Passat 170tdi highline … but why will it not find the car´s Bluetooth or as it says in the instruction manual for the RNS510 .. that I have to press the “info” and the “Roadhelp” buttons to active it in the car.

    What am I doing wrong (this is from Denmark)

    Best regards
    Claus from Denmark

  189. Ken from Ohio

    Taking delivery of a 2012 CC Sport in a couple of days and I am already planning the mods I want to do. First, it does not have fogs like the R-Line and I want to install them… Any ideas and suggestions on parts and or a OEM kit to install fogs?

    I also want to install 18″ rims/tires from the factory 17″ rims/tires. Do I need to have anything calibrated on the cars ECM or have the dealer do anything special to it in regards to how it drives?


  190. Andrew from Toronto

    I am looking to purchase a 2011 5 dr golf tdi highline. What are your thoughts on the rear side airbags related to children sitting in the back? I have read conflicting information regarding safety concerns with small children. My local dealer is warning me against this model as I have a 5 and 7 year old who will sit in the back. But I think his info is outdated (2004 I think) and advancements have been made including safety testing on side airbags (not the curtain ones, the seat mounted ones), especially related to children in the back.

    I really want the highline and the leather interior, but will forego it if it is a safety concern for my kids (as in you can buy a comfortline without the airbags).


  191. I just bought the Jetta Sportswagen TDI with the Premium VIII sound system. I was getting almost no sound from the front midrange and bass speakers, even with fade set all the way to the front. I used system setup to reset to factory settings, and then was getting sound from all three front speakers, but there was no crossover. The bottom speakers were only deep bass, and the middle speakers still seemed flat. The speakers in the rear doors have a much fuller sound. Is this normal?

  192. Hi, I got a Canadian Golf 2011 sportline. I tired this “settings menu” trick with the turn stock but it didn’t work? Any ideas?

    Thank you

  193. Hi Jay,

    You are the guy, and know you´ve readers down here in Brazil. I really appreciate the videos and your blog.

    I bought recently 2 new VW´s – a Passat for me and a Tiguan for my wife, both brand new. I´m know getting used with the brand, since we had Mitsubishis for the last 5 years.

    Despite VW has a huge operation in Brazil, couple issues are not answered by the dealers, mainly when we talk about imported vehicles.

    The issue that I would like to ask you is about radio connectios. My both VW´s came with RCD 510 Premium 8 head unit.

    First at all, let´s talk about the Tiguan, that has a factory mounted MDI for iPod/ iPhone. I would like to improve a connection for bluetooth, and as I read a lot in forums and blogs, I plan to install a 9W7 bluetooh kit w/ part # 5N0 035 730 D. I friend of mine told me that we´ll need to adjust couple codes thru VAG VAS. It will work? Do you know how to set those codes?

    Now let´s ask you about my Passat. The head unit RCD 510 doesn´t have a MDI conection, and I would like to install a kit for bluetooth, the same described above for my Tiguan (9W7 bluetooh kit w/ part # 5N0 035 730 D), and also a MEDIA-IN retrofit kit 5N0 057 342. It will work? Do we need to set new codes for this installation?



  194. Hey Jay,

    Awesome Youtube channel! In one of your videos where you demonstrated the menu system I noticed an “Vehicle status” entry. What is that and why doesn’t it show up on my Golf mk 6 2010?

    Hope you’ll cover that some time!


  195. Hey Jay,

    I have a 2011 Sportswagen Jetta, TDI.

    Personally, I don’t like carrying bulky keys on my key chain. While the FOB is great, it just cramps my minimalism/old school style.

    If I want to just carry the valet key, how do I unlock/lock the door? Seems like a foolish question, but there doesn’t seem to be key holes on any of the Jetta doors. Reading some of the forums, it looks like there is a key hole, but it’s incognito. Is the key hole good for everyday locking/unlocking?

    Also, does the valet key have the immobilizer chip integrated into the key? Will I be able to carry just the valet key without the FOB? Or is the FOB always necessary because of the immobilizer chip? What would you recommend for those who don’t want to carry the FOB?

    Kicking it vee-dub old school,


  196. Hello Jay,
    I’m a follower from Mexico City. I know you speak spanish but I’m posting in english so everyone can understand…
    I own a VW GLI 2008, and for the last year I’ve been wondering if it is worth to replace the blow off valve?
    I love the “squirrel” sound they make, but I don’t know if it can damage something or maybe the car could loose some power and far from that I don’t know if it´s replacement can give us some benefits.
    What can you tell us about it?

    Best regards.

  197. Jay,
    I went from an 2008 GTI to the base-base 2011 Jetta, the only upgrade I bought was a set of alloy wheels.

    I REALLY miss the get up and go, what aftermarket or OEM solutions are there to get back the excitement? Also, I really don’t want to void the warranty.

    Can’t I just buy an OEM turbo and have it installed on the Jetta to get up to 200HP?

    By the way my brother is in the new Jetta TV commercial with the baby strapped to his chest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTqM1LLxMSg

  198. Hi Jay,
    I just bought a 2011 Tiguan SEL for my wife. Although I am pretty tech savvy, I am absolutely befuddled with some of the tech on this RNS-510 system (as is my salesman). Although I have read the manuals in detail, what should show up on the screen ultimately doesn’t. I can’t seem to copy a CD to the HDD (one of my wifes favorite anticipated features). The media button is supposed to shift the screen from audio to video and doesn’t. The overall media mode is not doing what the manual says it should. Can you please advise and direct me as to what I may be doing incorrectly.

  199. Hi Jay,
    I have owned a 2007 vw 2.0 Passat, it came with factory installed iPod adaptor, and it’s inside the glov box.. Last year I plugged in my iPhone 3G into it only once and it missed up my iPhone’s system and it kept posting a “this accessory is not compatable with this phone” and this message was popping on the screen for the next 6 months, every 5 minutes… Till I changed my device to iPhone 4. I was wondering is there a cable available that I could connect into the adaptor in the G-box and coinage the other side into the iPod/iPhone so that I don’t have to pressure the phone into the iPod adaptor? I think that was the underlying cause of my phone’s damage last year. Appreciate any help or guide that could assist in using this adaptor properly ….
    Thanks in advance…

  200. Hi Jay,

    Sorry for over stepping my boundaries and answering a question, I apologize. I did’nt realize that this was your own personal site until after reading a bite more.
    Keep up the great work that you are offering our customers! It’s people like you who step outside of the box that make a difference in Volkswagen. Kudos to you and your success in this blog!
    Chloe Molloy

  201. Hello Jay,
    I got my Tiguan about 3 months ago.It’s a SEL 2011.The car is great except for the rattling in the back seat.It seems many people are complaining about the same problem.Any fix for this problem or not yet?The sound goes away when somebody is sitting in the back.The dealership couldn’t do much about it.

  202. Hi Jay,

    i have a 2011 GTI w/ autobahn package which has the RNS 315 touchscreen. i was disappointed that it did not have the 6 disc CD feature. can i add a 6 disc player to this system, either aftermarket or VW OEM, and have it installed in the glovebox or center armrest?


  203. karen McNulty

    I just recently bought a 2008 Passat Station Wagon Lux Edition I wanted to know where I plug in my IPOD in the salesman said it was equipped, but can’t seem to find where. There is an auxilary plug in the arm rest but I bought a cord that plugs in there and in my ipod, but nothing happens. What do you use this jack for exactly? I also have a phone symbol on my steering wheel can I use my phone through the jack?

  204. Thank you for your videos on operating the bluetooth function in the Golf/Jetta!

    I took ownership of the 2011 Golf 2.5 with the bluetooth option and was trying to figure how to configure.

    Thanks to your video, I can now stream music from my phone to the car speakers.

    Now though, when I start the car, the MFI defaults to the bluetooth. I had to hold the toggle to switch to MFI. How do I make MFI the default instead of bluetooth.

  205. First off awesome website. I am a new proud owner of a 2012 VW CC. I do have one question though. First off how do you get your ipod to stop skipping the first couple of seconds of a song when it is hooked up through MDI? Also is there any way to scroll through albums/artists and not just songs using the controls on your steering wheel?

  206. Erich Kittlaus

    I love the blog, check it frequently. I was wondering if you have heard any news on when the GLI’s will be here, I keep hearing May but that’s over in a week and I have found nothing recently saying that’s still the plan. Also, I know the GTI’s are made in Germany and that the previous model GLI’s were made in Mexico. Please tell me the new GLI’s are coming from Germany.

  207. Hello-

    I had a 2009 Jetta SE and I traded it in for a 2011 Jetta TDI. I love it, but I have a unique issue. I carry two cell phones a DROID and an iPhone. I want to be able to switch between my iPhone and my DROID but no one seems to know if it’s possible and if so how to do it. I have successfully paired each phone while the other has Bluetooth turned off. Any ideas?

  208. Hi, Jay. Hope you’re enjoying your stay in Chattanooga while exploring the new 2012 Passat.

    I find the TDI option on the Passat intriguing but I’ve never driven a diesel-engined vehicle. Are there any differences that someone used to gasoline-powered vehicles should know about before driving a TDI car?

  209. hello
    my golf 2008 headligths turn on when i turn on the car..how can i stop this…note i don’t have auto option in the lights switch

  210. Carlos Miller

    Try the settings of DRL at VAG. Probably your car has the adjustment for scandinavian lights.

  211. Dominic Aversa

    Hi Jay,

    I enjoy your website.

    I live in Montreal & planning to buy my first VW this year. I like the 5 door golf but the golf wagon would make a better family car.

    The wagon is MK5 not MK6 like the golf. What are the major differences?

    Should I wait to see what the 2012 golf wagon will be like? Do you know the release date in Canada and changes to the wagon for 2012?


  212. I recently purchased and installed an RCD-510 in my Jetta 2010 limited edition. Everything works well except the ipod adapter (the center console adapter not the mdi) and the bluetooth audio streaming.

    I am able to use bluetooth to make and receive phone calls through the unit but without the ipod adapter or bluetooth audio working, I am not able to listen to my iphone in the car. I have followed all of the instructional videos on how to use streaming bluetooth so I know it’s not user error at this point.

    Does this require Vagcom to resolve these issues?

    I looked under the seat and I am pretty sure I have the 9W2 bluetooth. The information from my unit is : 1K8 035 730 D

    NGD: 5/10
    SW 6900
    HW 008

  213. I am purchasing my first Golf (2011 HB Manual) on Tuesday. It has bluetooth connectivity, but has installed the M/FM stereo w/CD/MP3 player . The dealer cannot tell me whether or not it is possible for the dealership to install (at a cost to me of course) a more advanced VW radio with satellite and possible ipod control. Any advice?

  214. Hi there,

    I just moved to Canada from Arizona. My 2009 Tiguan has mph display, with very small km/h. The MFD does not display current speed, just average speed. Is there a way to display current speed in km/h? Is there a way to change the speedometer dial, so km/h is more prominent than mph? What part numbers do I need. The VW dealership in Alberta simply said I would have to change the entire instrument panel for over $2000!! Thanks so much for your information and time.

  215. Just noticed today at the Passat blog (http://blogs.vw.com/2012-passat/) that the banner counting down to test drive availability now says “Test drive car availability now July 7 for most cities.”

  216. hey there. i have a 2010 Jetta and i have that dock that’s in the center compartment. the mdi cable to put in the dock cost an arm and a half for a simple cable… is there a place i can find a cheaper cable

  217. I just bought a 2011 Jetta Sportwagen TDI and have a HTC Eris, with only 110 contacts, but many of contacts have multiple numbers. Some of these work okay, but many only show the first contact. Any idea what is wrong?

  218. I purchased a 2011 VW Tiguan and having trouble with my bluetooth voice command dialing. I have a Verizon HTC Droid Eris. The system would call my contacts by voice automatically, but now It won’t. It’s tells me “the name could not be assigned, please choose manually.” The system is paired with my phone and my phonebook is correct. I can actually see the contact and phone number I want to dial.

    Any Ideas??? I have tried everything and not sure if it’s a problem with my phone. I even had someone look at my voice command system at my local VW dealer.

    Thank you!

  219. New today on the VW.com site — you can build & price a Passat! Finally, a look at all the colors and the wheel choices. Of course there aren’t many surprises in the pricing and packaging, but it’s starting to feel more real. 🙂

  220. Hi Jay,

    I have a question for you about this video you made on YouTube @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zY-xSNkQNV. Am wondering where you got your source footage. Nice work!

    Can you shoot me an email?



  221. Tobias Hansson

    I’m sorry to report this so late but just a second ago i was watching one of your episode (#34) and you mentioned that the snowflake symbol and a sound came up as a warning to the driver telling him or her that ice may be building up on the roads, I my self has worked as a vw/audi/seat/skoda mechanic for a while before becoming a audi salesman, however my point is that the symbol and sound is comming up because summer tires rubber is working as best during 4°C/39°F and or during higher temperature while winter tires (M+S) works best during temperature below that point therefore it is warning the driver for rougher or less grip.

    On a different subject i highly recommend you to drive the European version of the vw/audi there is quite a big difference both from a quality and price standpoint. (refereeing to the Jetta,Passat+CC)

    Greetings from Sweden

    Tobias Hansson

  222. lionel argentina

    Hola , quisiera saber como puedo comprar el body kit del jetta 2011 gris , muchas gracias

    Hello, I wonder how I can buy 2011 jetta body kit grey, H&R thank you very much thanks

  223. Jay can I email you some specific questions. I live in Germany and work for the US government. Im looking to buy a US spec car if I can etc.

  224. Hi Jay, great blog, and thank you for sharing all the great info. In April, I ordered a 2012 Golf TDI, and I have the comm # and VIN, however my dealer cannot see anything beyond that it is in transit from the factory. Is there any other way to get a “ship load” date, or an expected “Port Stock” date? Thanks.

  225. I keep getting directed to the following video (about VW Bluetooth), but when I try to play it, I get the message “this video is private”:

    How to stream music from iPhone via Bluetooth to the VW 6 disc changer (RCD-510)

    any ideas?

  226. Hello jay, I have a 2010 Jetta with a premium 7 stereo and I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade it to a premium 8 stereo from a 2010 Jetta, and would it work?

  227. Thanks for another informative blog. Where else may I am getting that kind of info written in such an ideal method?
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  229. Great article. I will be going through many of these issues as well.

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    mention that I’ve truly loved surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I’m hoping you write once more soon!

  232. I have a 2010 vw cc and I would like to have a navigation system software installed on the touch screen radio I already have on it. Would that be possible?

  233. I have a 2010 vw cc and I would like to install a rearview camera to the touch screen radio I already have on it. Can it work?

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  235. Hi, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam remarks?

    If so how do you reduce it, any plugin or anything
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  238. Hi there Jay, I have a 2007 Passat Wolfsburg edition with an factory 6disc in dash radio. Being an geek I want to upgrade my head unit to something with Bluetooth, GPS, and a &in screen (Kenwood Excelon,Pioneer). However , the gentlemen at the local audio shop let me know that if I did upgrade the stereo, I would some of the functions of my MFD. I asked if this would happen with the use of the special aftermarket adapters and such and he said yes.I really didn’t mind the Audio info but when he mentioned MPG i had second thoughts.
    Is this true? Is there anyway to retain all MFD functions except audio info if i do swap??

    Thanks in Advance,

  239. Im trying to get my ipod to work in my 04 touareg got the kit hooked it up and nothing.. the cdx say no changer its like its just not there .. what mode does the stereo have to be in for it to work.. also I turned off the onboard info by mistake cant mess with my comfort settings.. im just lost lol hhheeelllppp

  240. Jay

    Just purchased 2010 CC R line. It had the premium 8 stereo. I successfully paired my iPhone. The Bluetooth phone works fine but I can’t get the Bluetooth audio to work. When I push the media button it says no media.
    What to do?

  241. Buy a 9w7 Bluetooth audio module. The 9w3 that came with that car doesn’t support streaming audio.

  242. please could you advice me how to set up the clock on my rcd510 as it won’t come up on screen

  243. Purchased a 2014 Tiquan. Someone’s phone book was imported by mistake. How can I delete or remove a phone book?

  244. I have a 2012 vw cc when I hit the media button it just says system starting

  245. I have a 2002 VW Jetta and when I turn on my car a static like noise Sounds like it’s coming out of my vents, but when I turn on my turn signal the noise stops. Why is it doing that? It gets really loud?

  246. Hi jay
    We just bought a 2009 Tiguan and we can’t figure out how to pair the Bluetooth with our iPhone can you please help? Thank you. Tina

  247. I am looking at buying a 2000 Passat glx, but the speedo is in k/ph. I live in the US and I was wondering if any cars were sold with that speedo in 2000. If not I am worried that someone changed it to show a different milage count.

  248. My 2013 vw cc r line has a display in the dash behind the steering wheel. When I change radio stations it lags and displays the wrong preset station. Why? What can I do to fix it?

  249. Hey Jay, this is a tough one since I’ve asked several VW specialists and have gotten conflicting answers. I have a 2013 VW GTI and love everything about it accept for the overly aggressive steering assist. Is there a way to increase the steering effort in my car by using a VAG-COM device? I would hate to purchase one and have it not work. I’ve driven a Turbo-Beetle before and this model seems to have a tighter feel due to more effort required. I’d really appreciate the advise. Thanks!

  250. Hello.

    I saw yur video about the amarok on youtube. Do you know how to import one from guatemala to california? What i was told is i need to get a letter from VW saying it passes safety standards and emissions. However, with the recent problems with vw, do you hink it will be allowed in?

    Thank you

  251. Brandon weckesser

    On a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Bluetooth no longer works Bluetooth emblem does not show up in dash phone says cannot pair device to VW phone I need help because my Bluetooth was working at now it’s not

  252. ali almraalomran

    hi Jay i have passat 2014 when i try to delete my old phone from bluetooth it say “Unable to delete. Device is also used a s phone.” how to solve it thanks

  253. I cannat connect my iphone 6 in my car paasat CC 2011 ..,.,

  254. How can I get Bluetooth capability in 2009 VW EOS


  255. Just got an mk6 gti and the cars Bluetooth name is “vw phoneDonny” how can I change this?

  256. I have an iPod Classic, that connects to my VW Golf (2016) via the USB port. The odd thing is that when I play any “spoken word” selections, the play back speed is much too fast; yet the playback speed behaves properly for music. The work-around for this is to first play a song, then switch to the audiobook or podcast; sometimes it takes a couple of tries, but then the audiobook/spoken word plays at normal speed. The trouble is I have to do this work-around each & every time I want to listen to anything other than music. Is there a way around this?

  257. Hello, I have a 2010 Jetta Wolfsburg with (Bluetooth connectivity 9W2) and a premium 8 radio. When I connect my phone through blue tooth I can play music, but I can not comtrol the song functions through the radio (pause, go to the next song) Have you heard of this? When I got the car the radio was missing so I had to get a new radio. Could there be a problem with the coding in the radio?

  258. Marilyn Andrews

    Hi, pls help…..The Ok button is not working to display MDI in Jetta 2015, fuse maybe ??

  259. Hello! I recently purchased a 2012 vw beetle. The car has an MDI cable but it is for an iphone 4. I have an iphone 6s plus. They gave me a usb one as well but it says my phone doesn’t support that device. I’m wondering if this cable even provides the capabilities I am looking for. I am under the impression that using this MDI input would allow me to control the music on the phone using the stereo controls. Is this correct information? I’ve been trying to find a wire but many of the descriptions say I will not be able to control the music through the stereo buttons.

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