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Want to drive the GTI 35? There is an app for that. No we don’t get the real thing.

Rumor was that VW considered bringing the special edition GTI 35 to the states. Today VW of America said that there is no way in hell that car is coming here! Ok maybe they weren’t so harsh about it but yeah, it is not coming here.  VW’s excuse is that the GTI sells well as it is, the Golf R will be out soon and the curbs in the US will destroy the front bumper ( 2004 GLI 1.8T ring any bells?).

As a consolation price they have released an app for iOS devices featuring the GTI 35 and all 6 GTI generations racing around a track. How unfair would it be to put a MKI up agaist an MKVI? if you want the App you can get it from this itunes link.



2012 GLI delayed to August due to high demand for Jettas

The Jetta has fallen a victim of its own success. VW cant make enough of them to keep up with demand and while production has ramped up  inventory levels are still at an all time low. Unfortunately for the enthusiast VW has to put priority on its bread and butter models as it struggles to bring inventory levels to  comfortable levels and has put the GLI in the back burner.

All pre sold GLI orders are still sitting in the  order bank and no cars have been built as of today. The GLi is now expected to ship to dealers in August at the earliest.


Golf R pushed to January 2012

When searching the VW inventory system today I discovered that the Golf R now shows up as a 2013 model. By law they cant sell a 2013 model until Jan 2nd 2012. So it appears that you guys will have to wait just a tad bit longer.

LEAKED! 2012 VW Beetle Cabrio!

The Beetle  Cabrio wont go on sale till spring of 2012 but european magazine Aubobild managed to get a picture of it. Count on the final unveiling to happen in november at the LA autoshow and sales starting in spring 2012.


GTI edition 35 hit Europe…US sales are possible

2012 Beetle details?!?!?

I know a lot of you guys want to see what will come in the packages for the 2012 VW Beetle. As of right now I can’t say anything and keep my job. I looked the stuff over and I can say that there is something in there for everybody. I do wish for a more basic model with hubcaps and cloth interior but it looks like it’s not going to happen.

Keep your eyes peeled and I promise to bring you all the details as soon as I am allowed to!


Rumor: 2012 GTi to get LED DRL and new wheels

The rumor mill is growing with news about the upcoming 2012 GTI refresh here is what being said:

–  Xenon headlamps with LED DRLs similar in design to today’s Touareg will be optional

– LED tailights from the Golf R

– New wheel design from the current GTI Adidas edition (picture below)

No word yet on a HP bump but I am willing to bet that it will be the same as today’s GTI since there will be a Golf R going on sale at the same time. If I hear more I will let you guys know.


2011 Autoshow debuts for US

Here is whats coming up over the next few moths

Detroit Autoshow January 10-23, 2011: 2012 Passat (NMS)

Chicago Autoshow February 9-20, 2011 : 2012 GLI 2.0T

New York Autoshow April 22- May 1, 2011:  2012 Beetle

What to look forward to in 2011

Before you read on know that this info is NOT OFFICIAL or issue by Volkswagen and that the dates may change at any given moment


Jan :  2011 Jetta TDI sedan will be in dealers nationwide. 2012 CC hits dealers with updated interior and new features. 2012 NMS makes its debut and gets a real name (Passat?)

Feb: 2012 GLI makes its online debut, 2011 Routan show up at dealers lots

March: Touared Hybrid goes on sale. 2012 EOS goes on sale

April: 2012 GLI goes on sale. 2012 Beetle debuts at NYIAS

June: NMS ordering beggins

July: Golf R gets shown at Waterfest in NJ. Pre sale website goes online

August: 2012 GTI with new wheels and (possible) optional LED HIDs shows up

Sept: NMS goes on sale

Nov: 2012 Beetle goes on sale

Dec: 2012 Jetta Hybrid makes its debut, 2012 Golf R goes on sale

There wont be a 2011 GLI, it will be a 2012!

I have confirmed with various sources that when the GLI goes on sale in Q1 of 2011 it will be a 2012 model. Believe it or not it will the second 2012 VW will release next year as 2012 CC are already waiting to be delivered to dealerships as soon as the ball drops.

Left Lane News  created this amazing rendering of the upcoming 2012 Volkswagen GLI  2.0T and according to some of my sources this is VERY close to the real thing, Guess we will have to wait until Feb to find out