2012 Beetle exterior colors

Here is the official list of colors for the US spec 2012 Beetle:


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  1. No green???? No orange????


  2. Nancy McCarthy

    I’m with Pam. No orange??? Where are the fun colors?

  3. There has to be orange!! These are all boring colours!! I don’t think this is the accurate list! This is the ONLY site that references colour, which leads me to believe that this is just speculation!

  4. It’s time they made a forest or moss green Beetle… where is it?
    How many shades of black white and grey do you need?

  5. Robert Willis

    If you think these Beetle colors lack excitement – check out the GTI colors for the past several years!!!! We have red, a nearly-black blue, and colorless neutrals. THAT’S IT!!! GTI is supposed to be the “excitement” car for VW, and they have they dreariest group of unexciting colors possible. No Orange, Racing Blue, Acid Green, Copper, BRG
    . . . not even Brown. Management must keep their heads in the sand * Beetle / the least exciting VW to drive, has been the only VW with exciting colors. Brilliant work, guys.


  7. Orange!!!! I need Orange!!!!!

  8. I had a 2002 periwinkle blue beetle. It was a special edition color — I think they called it vortex blue. Really VW – get some exciting colors!

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