Jetta VR6?, VW safety, Touareg warranty and more


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  1. Hey Jay… That Jetta VR6 with the quad exhaust shown in Europe is this same one that was seen in Europe two months ago.

  2. No one is going to pay 40k for an AWD jetta (which is what this would cost) Sorry

  3. clark inthedark

    Agreed on the 40K part, but doesn’t that put it into Audi A4 3.2 territory? And how much sense would that make. If they could sell it for $28k base, $32k optioned out, it might have a chance and entice people out of their G37s and TLs. or not…

  4. I’d rather have a FWD Jetta with the upgraded 2.0 turbo from the GolfR and a 6 speed manual. It would be lighter, more tossable, get much better mileage, and performance would be darn close to the VR6. VW already proved this with the MK5 GTI and R32. The VR6 does have a great exhaust note though.

  5. The Jetta would be no where near 40K. that buys you a CC VR6 4motion these days

  6. 2 L Turbo + 4Motion = order as soon as the dealership opens tomorrow!

    VR6 2 or 4 wheel drive = gas hog

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