Apple updates iPhone’s “airplane mode” message when connected to MDI

Apple will release a software update for all iPhones on june 21st. Thanks to well placed sources I got a hold of it today for some preliminary testing with our MDI system on our cars.  One big complain is that the phone freaks out and ask to go to airplane mode when connected to the car’s media cable. Starting with iPhone OS 4.0 that will no longer be a problem, here is the new warning:


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  1. Vitor Teixeira

    So, this means that an iPhone will connect to the MDF like any other cell phone, and will be able to make calls?

  2. When using my iphone thru the media plug on the premium 8 stereo, after a couple of minutes it asks if I want to activate bluetooth audio. I select “no”, and then the sound stops. I have to unplug and then plug back in the phone!

    Please don’t tell me i can’t use the bluetooth phone, and play music from the iphone?

    What is the solution to this?

  3. I just had the dealership replace my entire (RCD310) MDI unit w/cable and it still gives me issues with my iphone. Is there a magic-combo of settings to stop these things from happening =
    1). “MDI: Device Not Fuctioning” (though VW says any iphone is fine to use)
    2). playlist controls work for a few minutes max – then screen just displays previous message again.
    3). Device never is recognized when plugged to the MDI cable – the screen just saying “Aux” with no change.
    Streaming the blue tooth works awesome but I want steering wheel controls!

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