iPad does not support Volkswagen’s Media-In connector

If you were planning to take your iPad on the road and connected to your car’s Media-In connector I am sorry to tell you that it wont work. The question came up today in the vortex forum, so I went and tried it my self and got a “This accessory is not supported by iPad” message so neither playback nor charging will work. This isn’t the first time Apple has done this, my iPhone 3GS wont charge on the 09 and earlier iPod docks. Sorry folks!

UPDATE: Bluetooth music streaming doesn’t work either.

UPDATE 2: if it makes you feel any better USB is not supported by Ford’s Sync system either


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  1. sucks that bluetooth streaming doesn’t work. it works on sync and should work here, but the head unit does not recognize the BT connection. i hope it can be fixed in a firmware update

  2. Tested Bluetooth with my Canadian 2010 GTI and my iPad 3G today and it worked perfectly, just as well as my iPhone 3GS. Audio from the iPod app and videos sounded great using A2DP BT streaming. I won’t be doing it much as it’s easier to use my iPhone since it’s in a mount.
    I might use it for a rear seat entertainment system for long drives with the kids.

  3. “Not Charging” means the iPad is just getting the standard 5w from the USB interface. Technically, it requires a “High-Power” USB interface to show a charge on the screen… which happens to use about 5w. Let the display stay off, and it *will* charge… slowly.
    As far as the other features, it’s due for an OS update, and it’ll probably come out in the next few months.

  4. Could you try this (A2DP and USB) again with an iPad running firmware 4.21?

  5. Hooked my iPad WiFi running iOS 4.2.1 into my MKVI GTI. Works like a champ. Screenshot here: http://i632.photobucket.com/albums/uu44/eriksclacct/84aa7440.png

  6. 2011 Jetta TDI, iPad 3G (tried both IOS 4.2.1 and 4.3) and I was able to pair, but can’t get audio from the iPad (car stereo doesn’t see the iPad under Media). Sounds like mixed results from the multiple posts. Any pointers from those who got it to work?

  7. I have an iPad 2 3G running iOS 5.0 and I get audio to work on my 2012 Jetta Sportwagen. I can control my iPad’s music catalog. BUT it says “not charging” up near the battery icon, so I guess it isn’t, although one poster says it is charging, only very slowly. Here’s hoping it’ll be fixed in an Apple update. Could it be VW’s supplied connector that needs an update?

    • No.
      It’s electricity, not a software issue. There is nothing to fix because nothing is broken.

      The MDI does not provide the required amount of power to officially “charge” an iPad. The MDI will maintain the battery charge during use, charge slowly if the screen is off, or even discharge a little if the iPad is under heavy load.

      “Some USB 2.0 ports and accessories do not provide enough power to charge iPad. When this occurs the message ‘Not Charging’ appears in the status bar next to the battery icon.”

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