Using an iPhone 4 in your Volkswagen (Pandora App)


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  1. Mark Martinez

    Hey i bought a 2010 jetta sportwagen, and it didnt come withbthe rcd510 stereo. And I’ve been looking for this stereo like crazy and I can’t find a place where I can get it. Can you tell me if there is a website,where I can buy OEM accessories? Or will I be able to buy this stereo at a dealership?
    Thank you!

  2. I have a Jetta TDI with the RCD-510 and 9W3 Bluetooth, so I don’t have A2DP Bluetooth audio. Is it possible to play Pandora or get Nav voiceovers via the MDI cable?

  3. Ethan :
    I have a Jetta TDI with the RCD-510 and 9W3 Bluetooth, so I don’t have A2DP Bluetooth audio. Is it possible to play Pandora or get Nav voiceovers via the MDI cable?

    Yes, your MDI cable play application sound. Open Ipod go play a song then you open application you want I have pocket tunes it just stops the Ipod music and application sound takes over. TOM TOM app crosses over application sound and ipod Also your sms and ring comes via car speakers (considering Iphone is not in silent mode).

  4. Can you post a video of the iPhone streaming Pandora WIRELESSLY over Bluetooth, without the cord connected?

    Second question: So if you have the 9w7 Bluetooth, you could keep your iphone in your pocket while being able to make calls as well as stream audio over bluetooth?



  6. When will you post a video about playing bt audio wirelessly with the the iPhone 4. I have a 2010 jetta TDI with a premium 8 system. Will it be able to play wirelessly without the MDI cable? How do I tell what 9w model I have?

  7. I just got my first VW (2010 Jetta SportWagen TDI) in June. I love it and the whole family loves it!

    My model has the non-nav radio system with the iPod media port. Need a new cellphone and have some questions of questions:

    1. If i hook up an iPhone 4 in the media port can I use it both as a iPod through the media port and a cell phone through the blue tooth connection?
    2. If yes, could you explain the setup?
    3. If no, is this the reason you are demoing bluetooth audio, i.e. bluetooth audio gives you both you IPhone as a cell phone and your iPhone as a music player?
    4. Will the iPhone (or any other cell phone) show the contact list on the driver’s counsel like it says in the manual? I can’t tell if the reason it doesn’t work is due to my cell phone or the version of the radio or bluetooth system.

    Looking forward to you reply. Thanks for your help.

    • 1. yes you can
      2. pair the phone via BT, connect to MDI. that simple
      3. BT audio doesnt work on your car. use the cable for ipod functions and BT for phone functions
      4. iPhone does but not all cellphones do this

  8. Jay, I just got a 2011 Sportwagen w RNS-310

    I also have a Verizon Droid X. The phone will pair with the car via bluetooth to place & receive calls (by voice too), but it doesnt download the Contacts or Recent Call history. Do you know if there is a fix for that?

  9. Can you stream audio to 2010 VW CC? I can not get the bluetooth audio to work at all. I have tried several times and watched you video over and over and it just does not work for me. I have iphone 4 by the way.

  10. Hello. I have a 2008 VW EOS lux with the 30 pin ipod adapter in the console and the iPhone4. Just as you said in the video, when I go to play Pandora, it will play for a second, but then go back to the ipod function on my phone. I do not have the bluetooth on my car hooked up, nor do I have the navigation deck, just the basic 6CD/ipod changer. When my iphone is connected in the console, it does not charge, so I do not have the option to choose a dock like it did in your video. Is there anyway to play Pandora through my radio?

    I would prefer not having to buy these, but would they even work?
    ~I thought that this one might give me the option to choose a dock on
    ~I figured this one would just play as if it was coming through speakers,
    but I’m not sure if there would be interference. The female end would go
    into my console and the 3.5 mm male jack would go into my iphone.

  11. What do you mean by switch? iPod always takes over App after whatever other Apps play a second for a second.

    I had it worked twice but stopped working after an iTune updates, which apparently did something so iPod App on iPhone gets persistant privilege to override other Apps when play sound. Thanks Kristine for the two possible solutions.

  12. Jay,

    This site is great and has answered a lot of questions for me so far 🙂

    Im waiting for my VW Golf 1.4 TSI Match to be delivered with the RCD510 stereo.

    Im a spotify user, which is similar I guess to Pandora in that you can play music through the Iphone 4.

    Since the IOS4.2 update

    1) Assuming that you connect the iphone 4 through the MDI cable, and then switch the audio output to Pandora, can you control anything through the steering wheel controls or the RCD510 screen controls?

    2) If you stream music via bluetooth can you control anything through the steering wheel controls or RCD510 controls?

    3) Is any song / track information displayed on the RCD510 screen or Highline display if you use either the MDI cable or bluetooth?

    Thanks in advance


    Jay –

    Like a previous commenter, I have a 2010 CC and have two problems:

    1. I have never been able to get my iPhone to stream BT Audio but the phone does pair.
    2. My phone book doesn’t download to the car. All I see when a call comes through is the number as a result.

    Please help.

  14. does anyone know why i cant find “pandora”on the app store

  15. Hi Jay

    I have a 2008 Eos and the Iphone 4 and I’m trying to connect my phone to the car’s bluetook but the device is not appearing, I found a device named CK Parrot or something like that, it this the Eos Bluetooth device? How can I get it to find that device again?

  16. Hi Jay

    I have a 2008 Eos and the Iphone 4 in which I’m trying to connect to the car’s bluetooth. the phone search takes a long time, once I was able to connect with a device called CK Parrot 300 or something like that but wasnt sure if this was the right connection. Is this the correct device I should be looking for to pair Iphone 4?

  17. Hi jay
    I have just bought a december 2008 passat cc and i am dissappointed that i cannot pair my iphone 4. I keep getting a message saying the phone is not compatible. Very frustrating, other phones work so i assume it’s something to do with my iphone 4. Or do i need to update the firmware in the car? Help?! I have watched all your videos… Very good!! Thanks Paul

    • @Paul Clarke

      Are you by any chance in the UK or Europe? The VW factory BT kits for the European markets use a bluetooth profile called rSAP (remote SIM access profile)… which iPhone doesn’t support. I am in the same situation, frustratingly…. so am shortly replacing my factory BT with a Fiscon Plus.

  18. martin wood :
    does anyone know why i cant find “pandora”on the app store

    Pandora is a US only app…. so doesn’t appear in iTunes stores outside the US. Even if you do manage to get it installed, it detects your IP address and won’t work outside the US. (UNLESS you use a VPN to make it look like you’re in the US 😉 but that’s beyond the scope of this reply)

  19. I have a 2010 Jetta TDI.. Use the bluetooth for phone but the media cable in console will not connect to my iphone 4. Connects properly with 3G and 3GS but iphone 4 will not connect. I think I need a differnet MDI cable for the iphone 4 and need to know where I can buy something like this? Part number for a MDI cable that will connect properly to iphone4?


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