Control your iOS 4.1 device via 9W7 voice commands (iPhone/iPod touch)

iOS 4.1 update will now allow for AVRCP (audio video remote control profile) so you can control your iPhone/iPod touch via voice commands using the 9W7 bluetooth system. Here is a step by step guide:

– Update to iOS4.1

– Pair iOS device with car

– press the “push to talk” button on your car

– The car will say “main menu” say “music”

– when the car confirms the command say “play” and hit the MEDIA key on your radio

– Other available commands are: Pause, Stop, Next track and Previous track


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  1. Jay,

    Couple questions of clarification as I’m not that interested in the speech control:

    Are the Rewind/Pause/FFWD buttons on the display of the RCD-510 now active when streaming BT?

    Do the RWD/FFWD buttons on the steering wheel work too?

    Does it broadcast the track information (metadata) to the display?

    I have a 2010 GTI with 9W2 and AVRCP (under iOS 4.1) doesn’t work. I’m curious if upgrading to the 9W7 will fix that. I really want control from the steering wheel.

  2. I will find out tomorrow, I am running 4.0.2 jailbroken and updating to 4.1 will break my JB so I gonna use another phone to test this out.

  3. The new iOS 4.1 killed my lastfm & pandora streaming thru my car stereo. This is not cool. Just when I was enjoying the streaming audio in my 2009 GTI via ipod connection this new update kills it. This is only in my GTI, I have another car with a kenwood stereo w/ipod controls and that lets me stream from Pandora and Lastfm.
    When I try to launch Pandora in the car it starts to play then fades out and switches to ipod mode.

    Any tips?

  4. go to pandora and hit play

  5. Does this work with 9W2 bluetooth?

  6. Do all 2011 VW models have the new 9W7 or just some? Does the Golf TDI?

  7. where is the push to talk button? Sorry, i just got my car a couple of days ago. 😦

  8. Does this also apply to the RCD-510? For some reason, my voice commands do not work.

  9. I have the 2010 GTi and an iPhone on 4.1, unfortunately the bluetooth doesnt support fw, stop etc. whould a software update on the VW system help me or a new system should replace the current one to work?

    • You need to replace your 9W2 Bluetooth module with the new 9W7 to get AVRCP (Bluetooth audio controls). The 9W7 will also give you phone book integration on the display in the gauge cluster.

  10. To follow-up on this thread. I paired my ios 4.1 iPhone 4 with a 2011 JSW with RCD-510 this morning.

    Phonebook integration and voice control worked great!

    *** But there is still no AVRCP. ***

    So don’t run out to buy a 9W7 if you are thinking you are going to get control from the stereo of your BT device, or the metadata. Neither work!!

  11. Jay – I have an 09′ CC VR6 4motion with navi but it doesn’t have a bluetooth module. I would like to add this 9W7 to my car. Can you tell me what I need, and can I order the parts from you? I just don’t think my dealer has a clue what i’m talking about. I trust you would be able to get me everything I would need. Let me know!!!


  12. How about a solid solution to those with ’09 GTI’s that have the iPod port in the arm rest? I have a the stereo model just below the navi system that has the ability to control basic ipod operation or a CD changer. This is pretty lame…no track names and only 6 playlists can be selected from the unit.
    Any chance VW has some kind of firmware update to this unit? I was surprised at the mounting options in the armrest for an ’09 car didn’t include the touch models or iPhone so I was one of those that had to buy the extender cable.
    Since upgrading to 4.1 I can no longer use Pandora or lastfm, I could with the ios 4.0 upgrade. I have an hour+ drive to work and could use the streaming radio. I don’t want to pay for satellite since I already pay a lot for the iPhone plan.
    Any suggestions would be welcome.

  13. But no controls from the stereo itself? The play,next,prev buttons are still grayed out on my screen; is it just me?
    If not I hope vw releases a firmware update, it’s pretty annoying 😦

  14. Dang, ios 4.2 doesn’t fix my “no streaming” situation in my 2009 GTI! I figured out a way to stream Pandora and LastFM through my ipod connection, I had to remove all of my music from the iPhone. This is counter productive. Nobody has a solution because they only care about 2010 or 2011 vehicles. I bought this GTI because it had the iPod connection in the armrest! It really isn’t that good but it allowed me to control my “Tracks” (joke about track names showing as Track 01). Anyway…I’ve been hoodwinked and now have to resort to buying a new deck for the car? That also blows.

    • Always something better coming out next year…. Do you get all bitter that the TV that comes out next year looks better or has more features that the one you bought this year? I have a 2010 and am disappointed that the BT implementation doesn’t include AVRCP. I’m sure they will come out with one that does in a year or two. Oh well. That’s the price I paid for buying the car now and not then. I’ll enjoy what I have. If that feature is worth enough money to you, drop the money and upgrade. But don’t get all crazy because you bought an ’09 and it doesn’t have what the ’10 does. That’s how life works.

      • My TV is an HDTV from 2005 and has HDMI so it works with whatever I connect. I haven’t updated components in years except for adding an AppleTV recently.
        The 2009 GTI had outdated iPod mounts when the iPod touch was announced in Sept. of 2007! I can’t use the center console to hold my 1st Gen iPod touch or iPhone. The iPhone I can understand but the car was marketed as being able to control the ipod. It “does” but with very limited control. Pretty weak. That’s what I’m “bitter” about.
        A car is an expensive investment, you want the stereo to be up with the times when it comes out. It was my misfortune to buy that car with the top stereo (below the navi system) then the 2010 comes equipped with touch screen and better iPhone/iPod compatibility.

  15. Hi Jay, first timer here, so if I’m posting in the wrong section, please let me know !

    I just bought a VW Golf MK6 in Chile. The model comes with the RCD 310 but with controls in the steering wheel. I also own an iPhone 4 and I want to pair it with the RCD 310.

    Does the 9W7 works ? Will I need something else ? Will it also work with the controls on the steering wheel ? Is it hard to install ?

    THANKS !!!

  16. Does 4.2 show meta data and allow for on screen controls now?

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