iPad OS 4.2.1 now MDI friendly

When the iPad first came out I was sad to report that it wouldn’t work when connected to the built in iPod cable. I have since giving my iPad to my little brother  so I have no way to test it. Last night avid reader Erik posted the screenshot below and informed us that the current software update is in fact compatible with the VW MDI connector. The Jury is still out on A2DP bluetooth support.


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  1. Hey, A2DP has worked fine with my iPad since I got it. Tho I usually sync my 2010 GTI to my iPhone for audio entertainment. It connects automatically, if I want to sync the iPad I have to turn off bt on the iPhone and manually connect the iPad.

    On another note, there are some cool apps for iPhone that connect to the ODB-II system of some cars. Not knowing much about this, can you tell me if my 2010 GTI has a standard ODB-II connector?
    Have you tried DashCommand for iPad or iPhone with a VW? (Full set of gauges in an app)

  2. Oops, I keep writing that backwards. OBD-II is the correct term 🙂

  3. All cars have to have a standard OBD-II connector

  4. Cant get my iPhone 4 to work with my Golf. Could it be the cable?

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