2011 VW Jetta: Stream music over bluetooth


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  1. hey does this work any better than the 2010 jetta which it a complete flop compared to any other auto maker

  2. 2012 Passat – If they don’t offer the after market LED day running lights, then
    I will just buy LED day running strip lights online, for it.
    They look nice, pretty close to the Audi lights.

  3. How does this work if you don’t have navigation or the steering wheel controls. Our new Jetta just has the three buttons on the overhead console and I can’t seem to find directions for that.

  4. Is there any way to hit next on the stereo and it skip to the next song on my iPhone? Any apps or settings?

  5. I have a 2010 jetta with the I don’t know which radio. It has voice commands and a display that says BT-Audio but I can NOT get it to work with my iPhone. Why? I looked at all your videos and tried all the things you have listed. What am I missing?

  6. Hey,
    I think they could have gone for the new technologies like i-pad or something of that sort which is much more better than these stuffs.

  7. The best is the driving, Jetta gives you a good suburban as well as highway drive. Even the design and the structure interior everything is finely built.

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