Droid friendly MDI cable now available

All Volkswagens with MDI ship with a iPod/iPhone cable, but there are some people like my girlfriend who refuse to see the light and stick to big red for unknown causes (family plan is her excuse) and while I hate AT&T with a passion just as every other iPhone owner  you cant deny the convience of pluging my iPhone into the MDI cable and having a wonderfull all in one device that does it all.

So for the rest of you folks there is a solution, now you can take that iPod cable and donate it to the salvation army or just burn it as a sign of hatred  to the Apple Gods.  If you need help unplugging that unnecessary iPod cable I show you how to replace it in this video. After that head over to your local VW dealer and ask for part # ooo-051-446-A   MDI to mini UBS cable and start to enjoy the wonderful experience us iPhone owners have had for the past 18 months!

P.S. Yes I am an Apple fan boy, Sue me!


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  1. Is this the micro-usb adapter or the mini-usb adapter? The part number looks like the mini-usb adapter that has been available for some time.

    I think most Droid phones use the micro-usb port.

  2. When I got my GTI last week I tossed out the iPod cable and got the salesguy to give me a USB one instead.

    But the thing he gave me is an actual USB port so now I have to use a separate USB cable to plug into the MDI cable. That’s a hassle. VW should have gone with a standard USB port on the car, the fact that it comes with a iPod cable as standard is ridiculous. They are pandering to one single brand, USB is a universal standard… now I have to use a 2 foot USB cable and there’s nowhere to put it since the center armrest cubby hole is entirely taken up by the MDI module.

  3. enjoy your posts. I have a 2011 Tiguan w/ nav. Do you know if the droid MDI cable is fully integrated into the nav system like the iPhone is?

    • I havent had a chance to test this yet, but I will soon.

      • we are trying to find out how to hook up a droid x in the jetta —it is already equipped with the ipod cable but need to know how get a cable that will do the same with droid.–please help.

      • jay have you been able to find out if the 2011 models will pull up the android devices? More specifically, pull up the phone contacts & all your music like it does on the iphone?

  4. Jay, I still don’t get it. Most Droid phones use the micro usb port. Isn’t this the mini usb cable and therefore will not fit?

  5. If you have a droid phone like i do you can still use the cable outlined above, except you will just need to add on an adapter to convert the USB end of this cable to a micro USB like the Motorola’s have. Most radioshack’s will have something but if you seach online for “USB to micro USB converter” you should find some. Essentially all your looking for is something that has a Female end to plug this cable into, with a male micro USB to plug into your phone. Hope that helps.

  6. Will connecting via usb be better quality than using the AUX

  7. I used the bluetooth interphase with a Droid Eris. Really surprised me as I didn’t think the Droid Eris would work as it didn’t have A2DP. It’s running Android 2.1. My Motorola Droid works too. I’m looking for the micro usb to mdi cable too. Europe was supposed to standardize to micro USB to stop people from throwing away they’re old cell phone A/C adapters go figure.

  8. I can’t find a thread for this so will try here. I have a new 2011 Golf with an MDI interface in the armrest. If I plug in my iPod Nano it works fine …. everything is possible. However, if I leave it a couple of days and select Media In again it can’t find the iPod until I unplug it and then plug it in again. I have this raised with VW but they aren’t being over helpful. Any ideas? Is there a firmware upgrade for the MDI?

  9. Has anyone tried using this new cable with an adapter to Micro USB and then to a Windows Phone 7 device? If so, could you get it to play music from the WP7? I can get WP7 Samsung Focus to stream music over bluetooth, but of course, I have to control the music from the phone, and htat is a hazard in my opinion. I only use it for longer podcasts, or when I use Mix/Shuffle mode on the WP7 so that I don’t have to control it while driving. Ideally obviously, like those posting here about Droid phones, I’d like to control my WP7/Zune device from the 510 sound system/nav unit in my 2010 GTI.


  10. from the limited research I’ve gathered, almost every new phone should (theoretically) work with the MDI; if your device has the HFP 1.5 protocol and Bluetooth 2.0 then the MDI should be able to pull up the contacts list and music list. What makes the iPhone/iPod proprietary is the VW will pull up the itunes menu. As for the A2DP, I think the new Android Gingerbread platform will support this. In summation, if you want to control the music content then you will need to stay with an apple device, if you want basic music access and contact lists retrieved then most of the new smartphones should work.
    Good news for Verizon die-hards, though, is that Verizon will have the iphone after 2/11/2011.

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