Want to drive the GTI 35? There is an app for that. No we don’t get the real thing.

Rumor was that VW considered bringing the special edition GTI 35 to the states. Today VW of America said that there is no way in hell that car is coming here! Ok maybe they weren’t so harsh about it but yeah, it is not coming here.  VW’s excuse is that the GTI sells well as it is, the Golf R will be out soon and the curbs in the US will destroy the front bumper ( 2004 GLI 1.8T ring any bells?).

As a consolation price they have released an app for iOS devices featuring the GTI 35 and all 6 GTI generations racing around a track. How unfair would it be to put a MKI up agaist an MKVI? if you want the App you can get it from this itunes link.



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  1. Jay,

    Like I said from your original Golf 35post, “when monkeys fly out of your butt” will this platform come to NA.

    We get the scraps that VWAG sends us and that is the way it has been and will continue.

  2. Understandable that VW cant justify spending all the approval costs for a new model/trim for a car that will be a limited fan based seller. They do have to mind their books and stay in business. You want to blame some one, blame the regulators that keep us from having LED Tails, special edition models and other toys. All in the spirit of “Fair” international commerce and competition.

    That said, most of that stuff can and will be added after market by many people, and if you really want that extra speed, get a chip 🙂

  3. OH apparently VW hates Android users. Well VW, I hate you right back.

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