Chattanooga bound in 2 days!

I will be doing the VW factory tour and first drive on the 2012 VW  Passat this thursday and I will live blogging via twitter during the two day trip. Follow me @askaVWsalesguy


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  1. anthony stella

    Hi Jay
    I’ve been a VW fan for 4 years now (two Passats, Rabbit and now CC Lux Plus) I love that you do this for us loyal fans. Because I want to see the most important numbers in the display of my cell phone, I listed the first four with an A, AA, AAA and AB follwed by the persons name. When I voice command; AAA Amy it does not work – none of the contacts with the A’s infront are recognized??? Thank you again

  2. I have heard that we will only be getting the 2.0 and 2.5 versions in the first batch, and that the V6 will be available in early 2012. Is this true?

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