Touareg and Jetta demand exceeding supply, TDI models are rare as iPads2

Awesome problem to have but a problem non the less. Global demand for the Touareg has taken VW by surprise and already exceeds capacity at the plant. As far as the Jetta goes VW can’t make them fast enough. A production increase is in the process for the Jetta and VWoA is hoping to grab as many Toureg as possible. Those hoping to snatch a TDI will have as much luck as those looking for a iPad 2.


Posted on May 23, 2011, in 2011, Jetta, Touareg. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. Funny, here in PA my local dealer doesn’t seem to have a shortage of Jetta TDI’s as well as Sportwagen TDI’s


  2. That’s a lot of HPFPs, with more on the way.

  3. There is a Jetta TDi in Clarksville, TN waiting to be plucked. Gary Mathews. Buy it

  4. We can’t keep TDI Jetta’s or any Touareg’s in stock…we have an allocation for 12 TDI Jetta’s that will be here by the middle to end of June and we already have 4 of them presold and most likely the other 8 will be sold by the time they get here

  5. I’m pleased to hear there’s demand..

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