Rumor: 5 seater VW CC for 2012 ½?

According to rumors circulating between people in the know, Volkswagen will add the option of having 3 seats in the back of the CC when the 2012 .5

model goes on sale this fall. Along with the more practical back seat will come updated front and rear end design to bring the car along the lines of the new VW family look.  Other rumors point to a sunroof option in the Sport and Lux models and killing the 4 seat configuration all together. While a 5 seater  is nothing new to europeans people in the states have been asking for one since day one and when you considerer that they had that rear seat in the parts bin since 2007 it makes you wonder what took them so long.


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  1. I hope that’s all true, or near true. Reason being, with the new NMS Passat coming and being more in line with it’s competition, this will give people who don’t want the Americanized Passat an option for a 5 seater with style and performance.

  2. Forget the 5 seats, how about a 6-speed manual for the R-Line? I have a friend who’s a BMW 3 series driver. She loves the CC, but no way she’s switching to a DSG. Seeing as you can’t get the standard in anything but Sport.

    Better yet, how about the 4-motion? She drives a X series 3, so would love to keep the 4wd

  3. Jay,

    How about a manual trans for the Lux trims? I would buy a CC in a heartbeat if they would offer it with some features and a manual trans. I don’t like being limted to the stripped down Sport or R-Line with the manual. Lux Limited and manual trans would be ideal. If not, I’m trading in my Audi A4 for a Buick Regal Turbo, which offers a manual trans in all option packages.

  4. Will be be getting leather, DynaAudio, 4-Motion as options in the Lux Limited?

    VWofA has priced and de-contented the CC out of the market (e.g. purchase a one owner 1-2 year old BMW 3 series) for the same price.

  5. In China it’s standard for 2011 and 4 seater is optional

  6. Will the 5 seater VW CC for 2012.5 be an optional feature or standard?

  7. Does the sunroof slide open FINALLY or just “vent open”?

    It’s got to be the worst engineered item that I’ve seen in years (also on the Audi A5)…especially for the money they’re asking!

  8. it is the same sunroof as the Audi A5

  9. Is it true that VW is having trouble delaying the rear view camera feature on the 2012 Model year CC premium RNS 510 nav , Tiguan SEL with premium RNS 510 nav, Touareg premium RNS 850 nav due to the earthquake disaster in Japan?

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