2012 GTI: Whats new


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  1. Would you happen to know when we we should expect to see the 2012 GTI’s arrive at the dealerships this year?

  2. Hi Jay, when will pricing be available? Any changes to color options? thanks

  3. Pricing won’t be released until the cars hit port. No new colors have been added.

  4. Are there going to be any special offers/deals on the 2011s? Or due to them being basically speced the same will price be negligible in difference? I’m gunning for the GTI Sun+Nav around June/July. I’d like to have the DRLs but it’s certainly no deal breaker if I can get a better price on the 2011.

    Thanks for any help. I truly appreciate your work and website.

  5. Hey Jay. I’ve been following you on YouTube for almost 9 months now while I waited to invest in a VW. I’ve been debating the GTI and the Sportwagen (still am).

    Long shot here, but any chance the 2012 GTI will offer a lighter color leather interior on the Autobahn? I’ve finally relocated back to the deserts of Arizona from work abroad, and I have a feeling that the buyer’s remorse from black leather in summer there will hit me like a ton of bricks.

    And as an aside, is there reason to expect we might hear about new Sportwagens in the next couple months? Thanks.

  6. When will the GTI-R arrive at US dealers? Are they requiring consumers to pre-order the R model?

  7. is the new gti going to have the new fender audio system or the current dynaudio?

  8. what kind of discounts or incentives do you think the 2011 autobahn gtis will have and will 2012 get LED tails like in the picture? i am in miami, so i’m not sure how popular the gtis are here, all i see are jettas everywhere and a gti once in a while.

  9. 2012 GTI pricing and model info posted on a VW dealership site. Appears pricing will remain unchanged. Is this a reliable source?


  10. I see that the Tiguan(with GTi engine) is seeing a major boost in gas mileage for 2012. Does the same apply to the 2012 GTi?

    Also, any chance that the GTi cloth interior might have a more, um, subdued pattern?

  11. When are dealerships going to take pre-orders for the 2012 gti?

  12. Any news on the arrival of the 2012 GTI to dealerships?

  13. Has VW released pricing info for the 2013 GTI-R?

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