Inside line 2010 GTI Dyno Test: Regular vs Premium Fuel

Remember i told you it was ok to put regular in your GTI as long as you didn’t mind a 10HP lost? Well inside line has gone and tested my theory and proved me right! Follow test is available on their site.

Full test


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  1. That’s ok; I’ll err on the safe side and continue to use premium. I’ll save about $150 a year by using regular gas instead of premium. Not worth it as far as I’m concerned. I don’t drink or smoke, so my bad habit is guzzling premium!

  2. One of Vw’s claims to fame for the 2.0t in the GTI is the ability of the engine to have full torque available at under 2,000 rpm. Did you notice that when using regular gas (according to the above chart), full torque doesn’t hit until 5,000 rpm? Using regular in your GTI may not hurt the engine, and peak power numbers may not be that different on the dyno, but I wonder how it affects real world drivability. I’d like to see a blind test for 0 to 60 and quarter mile times using each fuel, and then get the subjective opinions from the drivers on how the performance “feels”. For those of us who try to eke out every ounce of power from their GTI’s, regular may not be an option.

    • I know this is old, but just to clarify. Solid red line is tq with 87 octane, solid blue line is tq with 91 octane. Not much difference. In the long run, I wouldn’t run 87 octane, but it would work in a pinch.

  3. This is a cool real-world evidence. BUT – am I seeing the results correctly? On Premium the 2.0t put 207 hp to the ground! It means VW hugely under-rates the engine at 200 hp engine power. This engine is actually putting out approximately 240 hp at the crank?!?

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