2012 GLI will NOT have a ESP button

I was able to confirm  from several sources that there will be no way to turn off ESP in the 2012 VW Jetta GLI.  Please send your letter of hate and discontent  to volktalk@vw.com


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  1. pretty disappointed vw

  2. Hello my friend, I greet you from Argentina, I mean that in a while I’ve been watching your videos that I find very intuitive and interactive. We also tell you that here in my country the Jetta, has a different name, which is “Vento”, but the finishes are quite similar. For example, all models have automatic climate control, but no touch screen, except the most equipped model, the Sportline, which in the U.S. is known as GLI. My father had a 2007 Jetta with the ESP button. It’s a shame it has taken, because in a situation, for example in a skid on snow or mud, the wheels must be free to pull better and unstuck. In May from 15 to 20, we will have our Jetta Sportline, and I was looking at the data sheet, and brings parking sensors front and rear and rear back up camera. I really like your videos, I hope you keep well, compliments to the United States from Argentina.
    Leer fonéticamente

  3. I also want to tell you here the Jetta GLI with KESSY, touchscreen radio, costs about $ 40000, that our currency would be approximately 159,400 pesos. I ask you a question: I still do not I have an I-Pod or I Phone or something, haha (I hope my dad gave me one for 16 years), I have a Nokia, and my question is this: Even so I can connect my phone to the radio to hear music? I have the USB adapter cable to the PC. Please answer me my e-mail.
    Thank you very much. Volkswagen rocks.

  4. I have already saw it and, now, i know how to connect my phone and listening some music. Thanks bro.

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