Official: 2012 GTI Autobahn gets new wheels

For 2012 those that spend a little  more and get the GTI Autobahn will also get unique wheels.  All other GTIs will soldier on with the “Detroit” wheels as before. The wheel in question comes from the  European 2010 VW GTI Adidas Edition and have a very nice we-stole-them-from-the-Audi-Parts-bin look.


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  1. Hey Jay, good stuff as always, unfortunate you are not on west coast. The GTI is a nice ride but I have serious doubts about the Pre and post sale experience based on what I’m reading about dealers in the sf bay area. Anybody you recommend out here?

  2. Hey Jay,

    Will the Adidas wheels only be available on the autobahn package or will they be a standalone option like 18 inch Detroits were in 2010? I have really started to like the look of them!

  3. Any news on when we can expect VW to release the 2012 GTI US Pricing List? LED DRLs and Serron wheels are a huge plus for 2012! I’m still hoping for Climatronic dual-zone and the option for a rear view camera in the US…

  4. What color interior? Leather?

  5. I’m probably looking at a 2012 model due to my budget plan so I’m glad the Adidas rims are limited to the Autobahn. The Adidas’s are ok but I love the current Detroit rims. I think they complement the car’s lines perfectly so it’s nice that we’ll still be able to get them. I want the plaid interior so I wouldn’t get the Autobahn package anyway. Will the other two major rumored ’12 changes — LED tail lights and Xenon headlamps with LED DRLs — be limited to the Autobahn too, or will those be available on all GTIs?

  6. I am so glad I found your site! I was going to get a 2011 GTI Autobahn but then read about the 2012 lights so I deided to wait. Mine will be here in August!!! Love the site.

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