Get a 2011 or wait for a 2012?

Here is a model by model breakdown of my recommendations:

Jetta: No reason to wait for a 2012 unless you want an S model with a sunroof

Golf: Get a 2011 model unless you REALLY want a TDI with the new LED daytime running lamps

Tiguan: Tiguan is getting a facelift so check out the new 2012 model in person before making a decision. However, The 2012 gets 29 MPG!

CC: 2012 is nice but you can score 0% on a 2011!

Routan: 2012 model won’t be out till  late fall and there are awesome incentives on the 2011s right now

Touareg:  Too rich for your blood? wait for 2012 and there is a new less expensive (not by much)  trim level coming

GTI:  wait ONLY if you are shopping for an Autobahn package with the new wheels and LED DRLs

Jetta SportWagen: Get a 2011

EOS: its new and fresh for 2012


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  1. GREAT recommendations!

  2. Awesome, thanks for this Jay. Just one question on the 2012 GTI though- I saw in another post the top 2 models will get the LED DRLs. Is that still true, or is it just with the Autobahn package? For example, if I go 2011 I’d want the Sunroof with Navigation package, the one right under Autobahn. Will this package have the DRLs for 2012?

  3. CC: 2012 is nice but you can score 0% on a 2011!

    what do u mean by that??? so i won’t go wrong if i am getting the 2012??? so far still no hint on any facelift or update on CC??

  4. Do you know when other models will be getting the 0% APR treatment similar to the CC? Does that generally happen once the 2012s arrive?

  5. Excellent post!
    I wish my VW dealer would be as dynamic! ;-(

  6. For 2012, will either the GTI, Golf, or Sportwagen receive the rear-view camera option (as part of the nav pkg or otherwise) like higher-priced VW models?

  7. When will the 2012 CC VR6 Executive be available for ordering? I notices no dealerships in the US have no 2012 CC VR6. I have a feeling the CC facelift will be shown this fall as early late August / September with LED’s DRL & BI XENON and KESSY.

  8. Will TDI Golf/Jetta models get the push-button start option?

  9. Can I still custom order a 2011 golf tdi?

  10. When do the 2012 GTI’s hit the showroom? Been looking for a 2011 w/autobahn and the dealer I went to sold the one I wanted but said he has one, only its 45 days out. So middle of June. Just told him today I’d wait but now having second thoughts if these come out soon after.

  11. Jay, thank you for this awesome blog! I had a quick question ref 2012 Jetta Sportswagen, especially TDI, though. Can you elaborate why folks should go with a 2011 instead of 2012? Are there no changes whatsoever in a 12? One thing I would prefer in the 2012 is if it has an option for Fender audio. Thank you, sir!

  12. Same question as Ryan. Having a hard time finding gti I would like – might just wait for 2012 if they will be in by august…
    -thx jay

  13. Again why a 2011 Sportwagen rather than 2012? Will the 2012 have a higher price, smaller size, or inferior interior? Will the Sportwagen share platform etc with the 2012 A6 Avant?

  14. Hi Jay,

    From your post on May 1 regarding the changes for 2012, can you explain to me what it means in the Jetta SW section: “DELETE All packages & stand alone options?” If I want an SE with a sunroof, nav and alloy wheels, will the nav and alloy wheels still be available as options?


    • I would be interested to know about this as well. I would prefer to have Navigation and maybe wheels. But, I absolutely do NOT want a sunroof. I will forfeit the nav to be sure I have no sunroof. But, if it’s possible to get factory nav without the roof, I would be thrilled.

  15. will the 2012 gti be release by July or will be postponed like the gli and the golf R ?

  16. Hi Jay!
    Great site, btw…just found it and have been REALLY enjoying it. Thank you for all the work!

    May I ask why you say to get a 2011 SportWagen? “Jetta SportWagen: Get a 2011”

    I’m asking b/c I’m looking for one with lower rear side airbags (but no sunroof) and only have found two incoming 2011s. Both of those are very dark paint. I live in Southeast Texas on a dirt road, so I was really looking for Red, White or Silver with black interior. So, I’ve been thinking I’m going to order a 2012. Is that a bad decision for some reason? The other option I want is the iphone/ipod dock in the armrest. That would suit me very well.

    Your input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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