Cant beat them join them…VW ends the days of a la carte options

Today VW dealers have to have their first 2012MY orders in place with VW. A day of bittersweetness as the era of ordering cars with a la carte options officially comes to and end.  You used to be able to order a GTI with Xenons as the only option, not any more. Every VW bound for the US will be built in pre determined option packages just like Honda, Nissan and Toyota do it.


– Less complex build and ordering process for VW and dealers

– Easier for shoppers to shop different dealers as cars will be priced the same no matter where you go

– Much easier to find the car with the options you want.


– Less choice, some will hate to have to get a sunroof just because they want nav

– All stand alone 0ptions such as rear airbags go away


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  1. Much easier to find a car with the options you want except that you can’t get a car with the options you want anymore.

  2. The most annoying thing for me is the leather. To get the top line model, you HAVE to get leather. It isn’t an issue of cost; I just prefer cloth.

  3. meh, if I don’t have to wait 3 months for a new car then I say this is ok with me!

  4. Kelly Van Rijn

    Har har har. Another example of VW dictating to the customer, instead of listening to him. Good luck trying to sell 800,000 cars in the US. Couple this with some of the most unreliable cars sold in the US (see Consumer Reports and JD Powers survey) and awful dealers, VW will be pulling out the US long before they conquer it…

  5. Truth is, we *enthusiasts* will mourn the loss of the configuration panacea.. and we make up a small portion of the car buying public. At the end of the day, *most* drivers don’t care about “the little things” and are just fine with being told what to get.

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