First production 2012 Passat rolls off the line at Chattanooga

The first US built 2012 Passat meant for public consumption just rolled off the line at VW’s US plant in Chattanooga TN. Let’s celebrate!!’



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  1. Yawn……………………….2005 Camary look a like! Really VW, that’s the best you can do??

  2. Lol, I love how excited that woman is. Actually, I’m honestly looking forward to this. Waiting for the features by trims and trim pricing to be released.

  3. I am a proud owner of B6 platform VW passat (yr 2006).I hate to say this… but the new design just let VW’s design philosophy down.I saw it in person at a recent car show event and it may never turn out to be a head turner. The only selling point I see here for VW is the price point at which they plan to sell the new passat. Other than that the fit and finish just does not feel VW quality.

    • I agree with you 110 percent on that!!

    • Mine is a 2008 V6AWD Wagon and I completely agree with you. Exterior looks like a cross between mid 90s Accord and Camry. Interior still looks VW but somehow stripped down. I guess I would reserve final call until after test driving but am NOT encouraged by what I see so far.

      For the sake of sales volumes, they may have forsaken “drivers.” Isn’t that what helped plunge GM and Chrysler towards bankruptcy?

  4. Kelly Van Rijn

    I heard that all new 2012 VWs will come with standard GPS navigation so the cars can find their way back to the dealers’ service bays!

  5. I don’t care that it suposedly looks bland. TDI, baby!!!!! That’s what matters.

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