First look at 2012 VW Beetle


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  1. Michael (quailallstar)

    This is one nice looking car. Love the interior and how it looks less “cute” and more like an old-school beetle.

    Great job Volkswagen; no go fix that Jetta (please).

  2. Love the rear end! The front was changed enough, but still retains cues to the first gen. Front fenders are now more sleek and less “rounded”. Makes for a much more attractive vehicle. Can’t wait to see it in person. Now, I just wish a rear wheel drive version (or AWD?) was available with some serious power; would make a fun rally or x-cross vehicle. Nice job by VW.

  3. Wow. Now I’m even more impressed. Great job VW! The interior is very nice too. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I would seriously consider this instead of my GTI all things being equal.

  4. Right!

    Let’s see what is actually “order-able”…remember the NCC. Althought the NCC was a concept, VWofA stated this will be the new Jetta. Right, look at the junk that rolled in…even the GLI is missing what the previous version offered.

    If we get the 2.0T + DSG (with paddle shifter), Climatronic (in the photo), two tone leather, Bi-Xenon (official statement said in the future…3 years later?), fully independent suspension, etc. than I apologize!

    With multiple vehicles within VW cooperate umbrella using retractable spoilers and the previous Turbo using this then way, oh, way did it not show up here? I would pay for options, even expensive but, I hate being lied to (i.e. thats what our marketing shows).

  5. What colors for the exterior and interior? Leather colors? Wheel options. Will the Design have 2.0T + SDG + retractable spoiler without the gawdy instrument cluster on top of the dash! There’s areas below the radio!

    How Much?

  6. This looks awesome. Actually looks like something a heterosexual male would be willing to be seen in, unlike the current Beetle.

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