2011 GTI show up with 2012 GTI parts!

2011 GTIs are starting to show up with parts meant for the 2012 GTI. The DSG shifter now has a strip of leather at the top to replace the “gets hot as crap” metal piece on top of the shifter and the steering wheel gets a new GTI badge that is easier on the eyes.



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  1. Hey Jay just wanted to say your doing a great job with the posts, they were very helpful. I was also wondering when you will post the changes in specs and options (if any) for the 2012 vw gti?

  2. Have both of those on mine had no clue. What did the shifter use to have on it?

  3. Jay..

    Any word on when the Golf R is to be released?

  4. I to would like to know when full specs and changes for the 2012 GTI will be revealed.

  5. Jay,

    Thanks for keeping up this site, very useful and interesting. Do you have an estimated ETA on when 2012 GTI’s will start to be available at the dealer. My current lease on a 2008 GLI expires in June. Do you think there will be added incentives on the remaining 2011’s when we get close to seeing 2012s. Maybe this will be the case in June when I look to lease a new GTI? Thanks. Keep up the good work, much appreciated.

  6. There are always incentives, the 2012 GTI should arrive around july

  7. Jay Pichardo :

    Jay Pichardo :

    Awesome. Any idea on when there will be official pricing and pre-order available? From all the reviews, the R looks like a fantastic car, can hardly wait.

  8. Sometime after waterfest

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