VW media in software update now available

VW has released a software update for the Media In device in you 2009 and latter Volkswagen:

Compatibility guide

Software update


Disclaimer:  If you don’t know what you are doing you can mess up your car and it is not my fault. Be careful!



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  1. Instructions in German? How is that helpful?

  2. David Hilgert

    I have a 2010 Jetta TDI with a RCD510 radio. Is a new software update available for this radio right now?

  3. Sorry guys I don’t have english instructions. Just copy and paste it on Google translate

  4. Would be cool if you could do a youtube video for instructions

  5. 1. Download update from: http://www.volkswagen-zubehoer.de/media_in.html
    [you can use the link that Jay posted]
    2. Copy the update file to the root of a USB-stick
    3. Connect the USB-stick which you used in step 2 to the USB-adapter of the MDI
    4. The update will automatically start (when the radio/navigation system is active).
    The progress of the update will be displayed on the radio/navigation system’s display when the MEDIA-IN source is active.
    Do not remove the USB-stick before the update has finished.
    5. When the update has succeeded (after about 1 minute) a message will be displayed on radio/navigation system’s display.
    At this point you can safely remove the USB-stick to finish the update.
    To use the USB-stick with the MDI feature in the future, the update file should be removed from the USB-stick first.
    [note: otherwise it may try to update over and over]

  6. What’s changed?

  7. I happen to be taking my GTI 11 in tomorrow if I request my dealer to do this will they?

  8. All I get with this release is “MEDIA IN: No audio files were found.”

    All of the MDI updates I’ve done in the past were called “mdi.bin.enc”. Do I need to rename this one from “oledata.mso”?

    In the meantime I upgraded to the KW45-2010 release and in my brief testing have already seen a performance improvement browsing my iPod.

  9. Is this update appropriate for a 2009 Tiguan’s RNS 510? My software looks significantly different from what you have in your screenshot, but I’d like to update, as I’ve always had pretty extreme lag when browsing an iPod/iPhone. Thanks!

  10. Hi, Jay. Great post. I took delivery on a 2011 Golf TDI in late January and I have the RNS-315 radio. The iPod functionality works great except for the brief “skip” before each song starts. Is this software update necessary for my situation or is the firmware update to help fix the 510 radios? I know the 510 radios are dreadful for iPod controls because my brother has a 2009 Sportwagen where the iPod scrolling is all but useless. So, should I just leave well enough alone or should I have the dealer perform the update? Thanks in advance for any response.

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