Officially official: Volkswagen will join Nascar next season!

After months of rumors  VW finally  unveiled a rendering of  its Nascar racer that will join the series next year.  VW is said to be in the talks with  Tanner Foust and Paul Tracy as prospective drivers for the two Passats that will be on the field on the first season. VW joins Toyota as the second import brand to enter Nascar.





Happy April fools!


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  1. That wasn’t a very nice thing to do to us NASCAR fans.

    Because of your nasty little joke, I am going to dump my 09 Eos and my 09 CC VR6 the first thing in the morning at our local Ford dealer. That Focus is looking real good. Additional info enclose at the bottom of this “Goodbye” note.

    April Fool.

    David <

  2. I’m sure VW is doing this to increase exposure and hopefully help sales in the U.S., but I would rather see them spend the money on increasing reliability, etc.

  3. Of course you got me Jay…but, I truly believed this due to the fact that VWofA is continuing to move down market and make cheap, crap American or Mex built cars! Our junk wouldn’t even pass inspection in the EU much less be purchased…

  4. It’s pretty believable, considering that their plant is deep in the home of bootlegging moonshine, the origins of NASCAR. Maybe they should run some cars.

  5. Damn, Jay, this was just wacky enough to be believable. PT and Tanner Foust would be a breath of fresh air for this MASCAR fan!

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