VW credit offering lease extensions if you promise to get a new Passat

Are you bitting your nails waiting for the Passat but your lease is about to end? fear not because VW credit will allow you to extend your lease a full 6 months as long as you have a 2012 Passat on order at your local VW dealer.  For full details on this program and eligibility contact your local VW dealer.

UPDATE: just found out that in most cases VW credit will do this as long as you have an order placed for another VW.


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  1. Jay,

    Yeah VW does this (most car makers do) regardless of you getting into another VW or not. It is in the lease contract 🙂 But smart of VWoA marketing this as a “bonus” to those whom didn’t already know this.

    Now if VW were to cover 6 months of lease payments for FREE while you wait for your new Yankee Passast – this would rock! 🙂

  2. I can’t not tell you how many times I have seem it over the years, freaked out and pulled over only to discover latter that I was 3-4 pounds off. Well they have gone and revised that message to a less scary “please check tires” message.

  3. My lease is up on my 2008 Passat VR6 on 08/01/2011 and I was thinking of getting a six months extension to wait for the facelift CC coming out soon. Will I qualify for the extension if I let VW Credit know two months before my lease end.

  4. Jay,

    Is there any ordering info as far as equipment levels and combinations yet?


  5. VW Credit told me that would extend my current GTI lease up to two months without condition, and up to an additional six months if I have a new VW or Audi on order.

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