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  1. What is here? The car or the brochure?

  2. Any idea when the CC gets a full facelift?

  3. Will it have LED day running lights?

  4. Why on earth did they ever stop making the TWO TONE LEATHER as on option instead of the Nazi SS Black?

    Why on earth is the 2.0T not available with 4Motion?

    Why on earth is the Dynaudio not available as an option, even on the Lux Limited?

    The Audi A4 is grown to large…the B6 was a perfect size for an active family (i.e. NOT the typical fat american gamer). The Passat 2.0T with 4Motion, B5.5. or B6, again perfect size.

    Now that the kids are in college the CC would be perfect with 2.0T, 4Motion (i.e. Colorado), Dynaudio, Xenons, etc. even at Audi prices…
    I would travel across the US and buy one from you Jay just to keep you in money for this blog!

    Oh, the VW web server is no longer taking comments! Go figure? I guess with the weak product releases they are just tired of hearing about it…

  5. Jay:

    Why do US Spec Volkswagens lack many of the cool features of the Euro Spec cars?… i.e. back up cameras, park assist, drowsy alert, lane assist, navigation voice command, LEDs, the list goes on. I would think if VW wants to remain competitive with their American, Japanese, and Korean rivals they would bring this technology to the states.

  6. Is it possible to get paddle shifters on a 2012 CC 2.0T DSG? Can the dealer install an R-Line steering wheel or swap a GTI steering wheel DSG? Thanks.

  7. I just bought a 2012 CC Lux Limited on Saturday (2/19/2011). I love this car. I was, however, under the impression that the NAV system had voice control; I did a lot of research on the internet and found several videos of people using voice commands with the NAV. Unfortunately, it seems that the voice control is only enabled in European countries, Australia, etc. and not in the US. I would like to know if this is something that can be fixed with a firmware upgrade? Also, how do I get the British female voice for the nav guidance?

  8. The firmware is floating around online and can be loaded via the MDI

  9. I actually bought 2012 CC 2 weeks ago. It should be the brochure

  10. Hi Jay,

    Has it been confirmed that the CC will have a facelift for the 2013 model year?

  11. waht does it mean by 2012 CC???

    • Willie, the 2012 CC is the latest model year for the Volkswagen CC. In the US, the model is called “CC”, but in other countries it is called the “Passat CC”. It is a four-door sports coupe that is longer, lower, and wider than the Passat. It also has a sportier suspension and drives more like an Audi; in fact, I would say that it handles even better than an Audi A4 or A5 and is about the same size as an A5.

  12. hihi, thanks for the reply… sorry, i didn’t phrase my question well… what do u mean by 2012??? now is only 2011 right??? i am from malaysia, the newer updated interior version of cc for malaysia starting to deliver now comes with the kessy, round gear knob, analog clock at center etc… which mean i am getting the 2012 version??? the projected time for a facelift for CC is 2011, thats why i am a bit confused… is it a facelift CC???

    • Willie,

      Yes, it is a 2012 model in the US and it was released in February. For some reason, VW starts releasing the new model year starting in early Spring here in the US. It sounds similar to your 2011 version in Malaysia though; I have the analog clock in the center of the dash, rounder gear shift knob, and some other minor updates (but no Kessy). It is the same body style as the 2011, so no facelift yet.

  13. Hi Jay! Great website! I am thinking of buying a 2012 CC Sport. My question is if I can get it with 18 inch interlagos instead of the 17 inch.


    • Rick,

      Since I just bought a 2012 CC (Lux Limited) and still have the brochure, I will attempt to answer your question. According to the brochure, the standard wheel on the Sport model is the 17″ Phoenix; optional wheels are the 18″ Thunder, 19″” Sagitta, and 19″ Motorsport. It does not look like the Interlagos is an option; however, your dealer may be able to get you the Interlagos wheel as a dealer-installed option. The cost (according to my dealer) would be in the $2200-$2600 price range and you will have to keep the original wheels.

      You can price your model, with options, at or at

      • Thanks Mike,

        With that price range I might as well upgrade to a Lux Limited and also get the NAV and the sunroof. Thanks again!

    • You can but they are not cheap

  14. Rick :
    Thanks Mike,
    With that price range I might as well upgrade to a Lux Limited and also get the NAV and the sunroof. Thanks again!

    You also get the really cool Bi-Xenon headlights; I love those!

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