How do the heated washer nozzles turn on?


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  1. Jay, Do you know if the 2008 GTI has heated nozzles?

  2. Keep me posted on the 2012 GTI if it will have LED day running lights.

    Will it have the Detroit Wheels? Other wheels?

  3. Jay I think you need to reset your trip computer! Total mileage and trip are the same! I’m just anal retentive like that 🙂

  4. Jay Pichardo :yes they do

    Thanks, Jay. I just wondered because they were shown as part of the optional cold weather package on some models, but did not show up as standard equipment on my window sticker. They do work no matter how cold or icy it gets.

  5. Thanks! I had noticed that the temp display would occasionally blink — usually at 39 degree — but I had no idea why!

  6. HI JAY
    I ordered a RNS 501 SYSTEM for OEMplus on Friday. How long does it take for them to reply? I paid using PayPal and it’s been sent/paid. I found this site thru your advertisement online. This is for my 2011 CC.



  7. Correction, a RNS 510!

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