Official: 2012 VW GLI

Here it is folks! more at 11



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  1. Wow I’m Uber underwhelmed. From the picture it doesn’t seem to have xenons and that Camcorder color doesn’t help much either…

    Jay – what will the trim levels on the GLI like like?

    Thanks for the scoop.

  2. Yeah, its missing something. It doesn’t have that…GLI sporty look…it looks like a New Jetta with big rims. If this is it then, I’ll just cross over to Audi

  3. A spoiler wouldn’t look bad at all. Maybe just a lip spoiler or something. It doesn’t look bad, but its missing something. The front end need to look sportier than that, completely agree on the xenons. I hope this isn’t it, because it looks like a rough sketch really.

  4. Jay,

    Tell me about the specs, trim levels and interior colors? Gawg, lets hope for something in addition to butt ugly black! It’s just to boring and hot in the dessert southwest!


  5. This thing needs:



    Leather – agree with above, another color option form black

    Rear independent suspension

    Disk brakes all around

    Better interior for god sakes, the current Jetta is cramp compared to MKV

    Color options – conservative white gold over corn silk leather would be a hot rod without attracting the cops

    RNS510 and Dynaudio or if the Fender (American head banging rap crap) has to be there then hopefully it’ll play classical well…

  6. dude, no red outline on the grill…thats a little disappointing; it was one of those simple cues that GTI/GLI owners love.

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