2012 VW Tiguan gets leaked ahead of Geneva reveal

Somebody screwed up and let loose a picture of the 2012 Tiguan and here it is:


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  1. Looks nicer. I have always loved the Tiguan. I owned one for about a year, but absolutely hated the auto trans (as I do in any car) so I got rid of it. It would be awesome if they offered the SE and SEL AWD in a manual.

    Let’s hope the fuel economy improves and the astronomical price comes down. I priced an SEL out at $40k for a compact CUV, OUCH. The Q5 is overpriced too, but at least it is an Audi and has more features and space for a similar price.

  2. Going cheap and “one look fits all” didn’t work for Nissan and they didn’t have the same type of following that VW has…

    VWofW NEEDS to maintain the “premium quality” in small package theme or they will become just another american car company!

  3. Looks so good! Dam, me here thinking they where going to fuck it up. Those headlights, and basically everything else, look sexy!

  4. When can I pre-order the 2012 Tiguan in the US? And then when should be arriving to me, do you happen to know?
    Other question is if they will allow manual lovers to get some upgrades this time? It’s silly that you can’t have leather seats or the nice panoramic moon roof if you get a manual. I understand they want people to go with the SE and SL models, so offer the manual option with more perks too! (or at least let me pay extra for the little luxury I like, right?)
    Thank you.

    • Couldn’t agree more Gabriela. Give us manual with some features. Ideally the SEL, but I’d even go for the SE w/ nav and roof if they would at least give us that in a manual.

  5. Ed, we are getting the Manual and adding leather + moon roof (the small regular one is the only one they can do). The dealership is organizing the changes, so even though is not done there It will all be under VW’s warranty. Not ideal, but at least we get a nicer looking car.
    *kind of wanted to wait for the cool 2012 headlights, though… Jay, any news on dates for pre-ordering?

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