2012 EOS brochure arrives!

We just got the brochures for the 2012 EOS and there were some things that were  didn’t expect:

1- EOS will have the euro “2.0 TSI” badge

2- There will be 10 color choises!

3-  Blue leather interior will be available (rising blue is HOT!)


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  1. Jay can you take a pic of the colors? Thanks!

  2. quailallstar :Awesome! VW did this right and will offer more colors than 5 shades of grey Nice!!!!!

    And yes the Rising Blue is beautiful! OMG a Golf in that color would look so nice.

  3. I’ll take mine in Salsa Red with Cornsilk Beige leather. Is Rising Blue similar to the Blue Pearl that was on the R32?

  4. See, if they can out LED day running lights on the Eos, why not on the 2012 Passat!?

  5. Oh well…..I for one REALLY liked the Teak interior. I bet it will be a REAL good time to shop for a 2011 Eos around the end of Feb….

  6. Jay,

    Does the rear seat fold down for luggage space?

    This is a “must have” if you want to take a weekend trip in the sunshine! 🙂

    Susan S.

  7. Hi,
    Is 6-speed manual transmission still available?

  8. Hi there,

    Is it possible to list what comes standard and what the staring price is? I’m in Australia, so is it possible to find out whether the price will stay the same as it had here on the current model range? And, yes i know im annoying, can you advise me when it will hit our shores? *grins* thanks!

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