First look: 2012 Volkswagen CC 2.0T


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  1. Thank you

  2. Wow, that is disappointing. I was hoping for a little exterior refresh and getting rid of the cheesy chrome grille.

    I am also disappointed that VW is becoming like other boring budget automakers in only selling their cheapo base models with a manual transmission. With the CC, you can only get a manual with the Sport, which has none of the features I want. They assume that people only want a manual to save money, and don’t consider that people want performance with luxury features. I have owned and test-driven modern automatics and DSG’s, but they can’t match the fuel economy, performance, or fun I get with a manual.

    I love this car and wanted one last year, but I ended up buying a 2010 Audi A4 Premium Plus Quattro with manual transmission. It offers the very rare combination of good performance, luxury features, AWD, and most importantly a manual transmission.

  3. I love my Tiguan, it rides so nice in this hard Canadian winter (mine also has Manual Transmission, I love it), but I don’t know why this car looks so nice to me… I am thinking about going for it after my lease is over… I would have it in Black, and manual transmission of course ! Cheers to everyone

  4. Since the interior is a updated refresh like the EUROPEAN PASSAT I don’t see no KESSY or Power folding exterior mirrors or LED DRL for 2012 on the order guide. I’m glad my lease on my 2008 Passat VR6 is up this summer and I will be ordering an AUDI Q5 2.0T Premium Plus with NAV Package and Bang & Olfusson Speaker sysytem with 19 inch rims and Cinnamon Brown leather interior in early April. Good bye VW CC no purchase from me it’s time to move up upscale. I’M VERY DISAPPOINTED OF VWOA ONCE AGAIN. THEY ALWAYS LEAVE THE US CONSUMERS OUT OF THE BEST FEATURES.

  5. Seeing this makes me really happy I own a 2010 I love the 2010 shifter and the storage trays in the dash I wouldn’t trade it for a clock

  6. Continuing to move down market since the MY2009

  7. the price for thi scar is very reasonable as compared to other cars from VW.
    if the specs and features are considered then this is very good car and even the $27000 to $38000 price tag is also good.
    the mileage is very nice with 21 to 31 mpg. Great car

  8. Fritz- you sound like a whiny little biatch. Just stfu and go ahead buy your audi. I’ll break out the windshield when I see it koksucker

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