Rumor: 2012 GTi to get LED DRL and new wheels

The rumor mill is growing with news about the upcoming 2012 GTI refresh here is what being said:

–  Xenon headlamps with LED DRLs similar in design to today’s Touareg will be optional

– LED tailights from the Golf R

– New wheel design from the current GTI Adidas edition (picture below)

No word yet on a HP bump but I am willing to bet that it will be the same as today’s GTI since there will be a Golf R going on sale at the same time. If I hear more I will let you guys know.



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  1. any word on when it is being released? I have an ’08 GTI with a lease expiring in less than 2 months.

  2. Will any of these changes be applied to the GLI or top level Golf TDI?

  3. good news on the LED rear lights, the current lights are boring

  4. Would like to see Silver Leaf and Corn Silk/Sandstone leather arrive in the states…would make a great “sleeper”.

  5. Will the option to have LED day running lights be available for the 2012 Passat with a TDI engine? I hope so!

  6. Will the option to have LED day running lights be available for the 2012 Passat with a TDI engine? I hope so!
    Please let me know, thanks.

  7. Any news on if it will have remote start?

  8. Well, I know the Chinese version of the Passat is like the US model.
    I talked to a dealer and hope I can special order the LED lights.

  9. Hello,

    In Holland we already have the LED daylights on the Golf.
    only in combination with Xenon.

    I like your episode’s!


    Vw salesman from Holland (europe)

  10. VW seems fully committed to having ugly wheels on the GTI

    • whaaat? I think this wheels are tight! I’ll prolly be picking up the 2011 version unfortunately (not like anything is wrong with the 2011 tho), I need to replace my car this summer and I don’t think i’ll be able to wait till september.

    • Boy do I agree. I tried to buy one if they would change the wheels for me, even with one of the other designs offered which are a little less ugly. Since they don’t carry any in stock the price to change was over the top. Said I had to order from scratch. It was a deal breaker for me.

      • I also agree…both wheel designs are not my cup of tea (Detroit’s and the rumored GTI Adidas Edition wheels)

        I plan on purchasing a 2012 here this year and getting them to swap me out for another set of 18s or 19s. Hopefully I don’t run into a huge price debate with them as this would also be a deal breaker
        . Wheels are such a huge part of the car…offer some selection VW.

  11. Let me know when you know more, want to get it.

  12. The rear LED tail lights rumor seems to be confirmed by the current photos in the “Build & Price” GTI section of All the GTIs on that page are pictured with the new LED taillights. Caught this just now (3/18). I assume this doesn’t mean you can get them on the 2011s, but perhaps the 2012s are closer than we thought to be announced! Seems like the website is ready to go. Perhaps the fact that these pictures still have the Detroit wheels means that they will stay stock, or at least be optional.

    • Or, perhaps they are just using German vehicles in the photos. Do they already come standard on the 2011s in Germany?

  13. I am ready to get mine with led day running lights, led rear lights, leather seats, keyless start, navigation, and sunroof.

    • Me too (minus leather, nav & keyless). I’m just trying to figure out if I should go for a 2011 and do the lights upgrade later, or wait for the 2012s. Can get a better deal on an ’11 for sure.

  14. I would go with the 2012. They come out in August.


  16. Hey thanks for taking your time to do this blog. I’m excited for the 2012 GTI to come out, but can you please reassure me that it’s not gonna be ugly like this:

    I would hate for VW to make the 2012 GTI like the new Jetta. Yuck!

    Thank you!

  17. javier ramirez

    it is going to have the same price as the 11’s ??

  18. javier ramirez

    oh it is going to have dynaudio or Fender?? and climatronic??

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